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Standing Ovation Award: Matt Wrona

benefitexpress is proud to be a company that honors exceptional performance. So, we decided to create the Standing Ovation Award - an award that's given to several employees each quarter to honor and recognize their efforts of going above and beyond to fulfill our Community Pillars.

Nominations are submitted by fellow peers, and are tallied, read and carefully considered before being awarded at our company-wide 'Town Hall' meetings each quarter. Each award is read aloud to highlight just how much the winners have done to deserve the recognition – and when their names are finally announced, we rise to our feet in applause! Standing Ovation Award winners also receive $2,500.

Matt Wrona, My Premium Accountant Team Lead, is one of three Standing Ovation Award winners for the third quarter at Benefitexpress.

What is your role at Benefitexpress and how long have you been working here?

I am currently the team lead in the My Premium Accounting (MPA) department.  In our department we reconcile our clients' premium bills to make sure they are billed properly by their carriers as well as pay their bills for them.  We also perform audits between our internal systems to check for accuracy across all systems that we use at Benefitexpress.  In the team lead role, I am also responsible for assisting the rest of the team as well as taking on implementations of new MPA clients.  I have been with the company for 14 years now.  I’ve been here a while!

What motivates you, in general and at work?

Being acknowledged for good work motivates me.  I strive for perfection in the work I send out to our clients, and hearing that they like it not only lets me know I am doing a good job, but also motivates me to do it again for the next client.  Also, internal rewards like this Standing Ovation are another example of what motivates me.  It just feels good to be acknowledged by others and drives me to keep pushing out high quality work.

What does a typical day look like for you? Can you describe your day-to-day duties?

This is tough to answer since each day is a little different.  While I have many tasks due on specific days, there are always random questions or requests that come in that are always a curveball.  Most days, however, are spent reconciling our clients' invoices.  A lot of it is comparing our data to that of our carriers, and analyzing results to maintain data quality.

Why do you like working at Benefitexpress?

I’ve always said I like working here because of the people at our office.  While I don’t know everyone anymore (we’ve grown so much!), the people I have met are very kind and cheerful.  I also like that we are pretty laid back as a company.  We do not need to dress up everyday and we aren’t micromanaged.

How would you describe the Benefitexpress culture?

The culture is laid back but professional at the same time.  We are surrounded by so many hard-working and motivated employees that it drives you to be the same.

What’s one of your favorite memories since being at Benefitexpress?

It is hard to pick just one! The company meetings outside of work make great memories.  They are always a fun time and a perfect way to get to know some of the people you work with everyday.

Congratulations, Matt! We're proud to have you on the Benefitexpress team.

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