benefitexpress November 23, 2020 6 min read

Standing Ovation Award: IT Team

A Standing Ovation is a special reward program at benefitexpress that honors employees who have gone above and beyond in fulfilling our Community Pillars. Nominations are submitted by fellow peers, and are tallied, read and carefully considered before being awarded at our company-wide 'Town Hall' meetings each quarter. Each award is read aloud by our chief operating officer to highlight just how much the winners have done to deserve the recognition—and when their names are finally announced, we rise to our feet in applause (now done virtually, of course)! In addition to this recognition, standing Ovation Award winners also receive $2,500.

Our fourth Standing Ovation Award goes to the entire benefitexpress IT Team. These behind-the-scenes heroes are key to the organization’s success and have made the transition to work from home seamless and successful.

Please join us in celebrating their win and keep reading to learn more about the team.

Meet the IT Team

The benefitexpress IT Team is made up of positions like IT Infrastructure Manager, Network Administrator, Sr. System Administrator, and Help Desk Support. The overall team has an average tenure of 6 years at benefitexpress – a length that is virtually unheard of in this profession! From our veteran help desk support team member Jim Larson at nine years, to newcomer Chris Walbum at two years, the IT Team deserves to be recognized for all their hard work.

A day in the life

A “typical” day doesn’t really exist for the IT Team, especially when there are top priority tech issues that need to be solved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Their tasks include monitoring systems and fixing issues before end users experience them, researching ways to enhance our current environments to make them more efficient, and completing day-to-day tickets about hardware, software, or configuration issues.

A supportive, empowering environment

The IT Team finds their motivation through teamwork, and the ability to contribute to a common goal. The coaching and guidance they’ve received, along with the autonomy to make decisions, learn from mistakes, and foster analytical thinking sets the benefitexpress experience apart from other companies and is a large contributing factor to their exceptional tenure. They are a team of talented individuals that all put in the extra effort to not only provide for clients, but also help co-workers in need.

Every day is a new challenge; however, every day is an enjoyable one that brings great job satisfaction. Opportunities to learn new technologies and pass along IT knowledge to co-workers makes them feel like they have a positive impact on the organization.

Receiving the Standing Ovation Award is tangible evidence of the valuable contributions they have made to the business and is proof that the end-user community sincerely values the way they deliver the technical support services that help them support clients.

It’s more than a team – it’s a family

The IT Team describes benefitexpress’ culture as collaborative, encouraging, and family-oriented.

Some of the IT Team’s favorite memories include growing closer together as a team during a 48-hour shift to reconfigure the entire network in the office, random tech talk and after-hours banter, and the Fun Committee bringing comfort dogs to the office.

Culture is key

benefitexpress prioritizes creating a collaborative and encouraging environment, because we know those two factors lead to fulfilled employees, happy clients, and overall company success.

We truly could not be successful as a company without our hard-working and dedicated IT Team! But don’t just take our word for it!

Here are candid quotes from the IT Team’s nomination:

  • No one at benefitexpress can do their job without their help.
  • They quickly, quietly and professionally implemented the work from home setup with minimal trouble in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic.
  • They are always available and ready to help.
  • They are patient, kind and understanding when we ask questions (even obvious ones!)

This type of incredible feedback from the employees at benefitexpress make it evident how deserving the IT Team is of the Standing Ovation Award.

Congratulations again and thank you for all you do!

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