benefitexpress October 9, 2020 5 min read

Standing Ovation Award: Cindy Berg

At benefitexpress, we're thankful for the dedication of our team every day. Even in times of uncertainty, benefitexpress is proud to be a company that takes the time to honor exceptional performance. Our Standing Ovation Award is given to select employees each quarter to honor and recognize their efforts of going above and beyond to fulfill our Community Pillars.

Nominations are submitted by fellow peers, and are tallied, read and carefully considered before being awarded at our company-wide 'Town Hall' meetings each quarter. Each award is read aloud to highlight just how much the winners have done to deserve the recognition—and when their names are finally announced, we rise to our feet in applause! In addition to this recognition, standing Ovation Award winners also receive $2,500.

We are thrilled to announce that EDI Developer, Cindy Berg, is our second 2020 Standing Ovation Award winner at benefitexpress. Congratulations, Cindy! We're proud to have you on the benefitexpress team.

What is your role at benefitexpress and how long have you been working here?

My role at benefitexpress is as an EDI Developer. I have been at benefitexpress for 6 years.

Can you briefly describe your responsibilities? What does an EDI Developer do for our clients?

An EDI Developer writes and maintains the Carrier/Payroll/ACA files or Reports that are needed for the Client’s Employee Benefits. We may sit in on client calls to ensure we have the correct information needed for the files, but for the most part we get the specs and updates from the Client Services Team. I have worked on all the above, but for the last couple of years my focus has been on Payroll files.

What motivates you, in general and at work?

Doing the best job that I can while learning something new and teaching others. I love challenges and that is why I love working with payroll files. They are a constant challenge. I prioritize making sure that the files are working as expected so that the client is happy.

What does a typical day look like for you? Can you describe your day-to-day duties?

I feel like there is NO typical day for me! I can get started on a project or task that needs to be completed, then something else can need attention and I have to shift gears. The only day of the week that is a “typical” day is what we call “Payroll Thursdays”.

Why do you like working at benefitexpress?

I love working at benefitexpress because everyone here has one goal in mind: Give the clients what they need and want to best serve their employees. We work well together to get the job done. Even during Annual Enrollment, the most stressful time of year, everyone pulls together and works as a team.

How would you describe the benefitexpress culture?

The benefitexpress culture is one of friendly, caring, nurturing coworkers that come together as one big family for a common goal. Even though we’re not in the office at this time, we still come together virtually to have our meetings, have happy hours to socialize, and continue to be connected. We have pulled together to continue to get the job done as if we were still in the office.

What’s one of your favorite memories since being at benefitexpress?

One of my favorite memories at benefitexpress was when I was on the Fun Committee and we had the “Dog Days of Summer” online quiz where employees had to match the pet to its owner. It was nice to see a different side to our team members, how much they love their pets and how creative they can be.

We agree with Cindy—benefitexpress has made it our priority to provide industry leading service to our clients and create a happy and goal-oriented culture for our employees, especially during difficult times.

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