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Standing Ovation Award: Chitra Santhakumar

A Standing Ovation is a special reward program at benefitexpress that honors employees who have gone above and beyond in fulfilling our Community Pillars. Nominations are submitted by fellow peers, and are tallied, read and carefully considered before being awarded at our company-wide 'Town Hall' meetings each quarter. Each award is read aloud by our chief operating officer to highlight just how much the winners have done to deserve the recognition — and when their names are finally announced, we rise to our feet in applause (now done virtually, of course)! In addition to this recognition, Standing Ovation Award winners also receive $2,500.

Our latest Standing Ovation Award goes to QA Lead, Chitra Santhakumar. Chitra’s impressive knowledge and ability to wear multiple hats in her role are a true representation of the benefitexpress standard of excellence.

Please join us in celebrating her win and keep reading to learn more about Chitra.

Meet Chitra

Chitra has worked at benefitexpress for almost three years, starting as a QA Specialist.

Over the last few years she has continuously been a reliable resource for the benefitexpress team and has shown an incredible amount of strength and determination in her role.

A day in the life

There is never a dull day at benefitexpress for Chitra. She begins each day with analyzing the scrum board and setting up a game plan for the stories that are ready to test.

She spends the majority of her day testing and helping answer questions for her fellow team members. She also participates in daily stand-ups where her team discusses their progress and any impediments they’re dealing with. She also attends meetings related to sprint work.

Always ready for a challenge

Chitra strives to always deliver a quality product that is bug-free and user-friendly. She enjoys the challenge of experimenting with new tools and methodologies. She says when she tests a functionality she always thinks from a user’s perspective to ensure she’s delivering a top-quality product for our clients.

One of Chitra’s favorite things about her job is the challenging projects she’s been able to work on with her team, such as V5 Editor, PCP Navigation and Configuration, CSA-Automation, Reprice Optimization, and Payroll. She never feels alone in her work since there is always someone available to help, especially during the learning process. Chitra likes that everyone at benefitexpress takes ownership of their work and puts all their effort into their projects.

A fun and friendly culture

Chitra describes the benefitexpress culture as fun-loving, friendly, and collaborative. She appreciates that benefitexpress encourage teams to collaborate with each other and that suggestions and ideas are always welcomed. Everyone has the top goal to deliver the best solution efficiently and successfully. She also is grateful to management and the FUN Committee for organizing fun work events every year.

Her favorite memories at benefitexpress are from when she worked at our Schaumburg, IL office before moving to Texas. She misses coming to the office every day and participating in our company picnic and other fun activities, but she takes full advantage of enjoying time with her co-workers when she visits the office.

Chitra has become a key player on the benefitexpress team and someone we can rely on to take on any challenge. But don’t just take our word for it!

Here are some candid quotes from Chitra’s nomination:

  • “She routinely accepts additional responsibility doing whatever it takes to keep the team going and to deliver on our commitments.”
  • “She is an awesome resource who is very knowledgeable, helpful and always willing to bridge the gaps.”
  • “She can be relied on to lead meetings, provide status updates, call out risk, create test strategy for some of our biggest projects, and coordinate the entire team’s testing efforts all in a day’s work.”
  • “She is enthusiastic in learning new tools and technologies.”

This incredible feedback from the employees at benefitexpress shows just how deserving Chitra is of the Standing Ovation Award.

Congratulations again and thank you for all you do!

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