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Written by Claire Bauer | February 7, 2020

HR Social Media 

We use our social media platforms to share benefitexpress news and provide industry updates to keep you in the know. If you've missed a couple of our posts this past week, no need to worry. We recap our favorite social updates bi-weekly to keep you up to date on benefitexpress happenings and top HR industry news.

This week's social media topics include: 

  • Upcoming Medicare Webinar on February 27, 2020
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Benefits Administration RFP
  • Come Work With Us!
  • ICYMI In Case You Missed It...  
  • Best Pre-Hire Practices 

1. Upcoming Webinar! Save the Date

In continuation of our ERISA Compliance Series, we will be hosting our next webinar on Thursday, February 27th discussing all things Medicare and employer health coverage. ERISA Attorney Larry Grudzien and benefitexpress's Chief Marketing Officer, Julia Goebel, will discuss coordinating Medicare with employer coverage and answer your questions throughout. We're looking forward to having you join us

Medicare and Employer Health Coverage Webinar

2. Ultimate Guide to Writing a Benefits Administration RFP 

While purchasing a technology or service, an effective request for proposal (RFP) allows you and your team to gather research from potential vendors to help decide which partner is the best fit for your organization.

But what criteria should you evaluate when selecting your outsourced benefits administration partner? Download our Benefits Administration RFP Guide to ensure you're asking all the right questions!

Benefits Administration RFP

3. Join Our Growing Team 

We are a fast-growing team looking for client advocates, technology gurus and benefits experts. Looking for a change? Check out our job openings and apply today!

Hiring at Benefitexpress

4. In Case You Missed It... 

You might have heard the news in our last social round-up blog, but we've been named a Top Vendor for benefits administration by Shortlister! Read all the details in our latest blog post about why our clients (and Shortlister!) love benefitexpress. 

benefitexpress Top Vendor

5. Pre-Hire Best Practices 

It's true - new hires are the lifeblood of any organization. With that said, how are you currently handling your new hire onboarding process? Here are a few tips on how to treat new hires before their first day on the new job.  

New Hire Onboarding Process

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