Tis' the Season for Your Social Round-Up!

Social Round-Up

Written by Claire Bauer | December 12, 2019

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As they say, it's the most wonderful time of year!

Tis' the season for social media, holiday sales and of course - planning for a successful 2020. Not sure where to start? Whether you're reflecting on this year's open enrollment, looking for tips on ERISA compliance, or considering making a career move, we shared tips on all of this and more on our social media platforms...including tips for post-open enrollment analysis.

Missed them? We have you covered.

This week's social media topics include:

  • New Year's resolutions that make an impact
  • DFW 15th Annual Benefits Forum
  • Current job openings at benefitexpress
  • ERISA Webinar: #MeToo in the workplace
  • Benefits communication

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1. New Year, New Wellness Goals to Encourage

A new year is quickly approaching. Good-bye 2019, hello 2020! As health-conscious resolutions are being made among the workforce, consider what you can do as an HR professional to support your employees' goals. After all, New Year resolutions can do more than trim waistlines - they can also do great things for your organization.  We've included our top health and wellness New Year resolutions to watch out for and how they can impact your business. 

HR Social Media New Year Resolutions

2. We had a blast at the DFWBGH 15th Annual Benefits Forum! 

We had a great time this past week sponsoring the DFWBGH 15th Annual Benefits Forum in Texas. We're always thankful for opportunities like this where we can network and share our benefits administration knowledge. 

In a world of consumer-driven health, our fully-outsourced solutions help organizations of all industries make informed benefits decisions to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction. Learn more about what we shared at the event and our services by downloading our Benefits Administration Solutions Product Sheet

HR Social Media DFW Event

3. Our growing team (and how you can join)

Yes, that's correct. We're hiring! Have you seen our most recent job openings? The benefitexpress community brings together pathfinders, client advocates, and solution makers. Looking to be a part of an outstanding team?

It's a great big industry out there. What do you say? Let's do this.

HR Social Media Hiring

4. Did you attend our latest ERISA webinar?

Last week we hosted our #MeToo in the Workplace webinar. If you missed it, we've recorded and uploaded it to our YouTube channel. This one-hour webinar details what your organization should consider relative to its anti-harassment policies and procedures. A few of the discussion topics include:

  • What is #MeToo?
  • Updating training and courses in response to #MeToo
  • How your company should manage and respond

HR Social Media MeToo Webinar

5. Revisiting the topic of benefits communication

As we said in our LinkedIn post last week, there's no better time to revisit benefits communication than on the heels of open enrollment. If annual enrollment didn't go as planned this year, it may have been due to common communication errors. Here are 5 reasons your benefits communication may not be working...

HR Social Media Open Enrollment

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