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Written by benefitexpress | November 28, 2019

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Happy Turkey Day! Not only is it time for food, football and family, but it's also National Gratitude Month! You may have seen us talking about this on our social media channels (link below), and this year, we're thankful for loyal readers, like you, who are on the hunt for the latest in HR and benefits.

So, without further ado, pass the turkey and and dig into some of our favorite updates from the past two weeks.

This week's top social media topics include:

  • #NationalGratitudeMonth
  • #TipTuesday - health and wellness edition
  • Show thanks with total rewards
  • Evaluating open enrollment season
  • The employer roadmap to ACA reporting

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1. Showing Gratitude in the Workplace

This month, in particular, means gratitude is in the air. Are you showing gratitude at the office? Just last week we published a new blog identifying 5 easy ways to show gratitude in the workplace.

Gratitude not only keeps employees happy and healthy, it also stabilizes a balanced (and fun!) work culture.


2. #TipTuesday

More and more companies are beginning to implement employee wellness programs in the workplace. What is your organization (or employer) doing to promote health and wellness in the workplace?

We share 5 health and wellness blogs you need to read now in our Instagram post this week. You won't want to miss these!

HR Social Media

3. Be Thankful with Total Rewards

Speaking of gratitude, there's no better way than with Total Rewards programs! There are 3 reasons to show employees gratitude with Total Rewards:

1. To showcase the full value of your benefits programs and perks

2. To communicate your company's investment in employees

3. To garner appreciation that boosts employee satisfaction and retention

Read more in our Gratitude and Total Rewards blog written by our very own Chief Product Officer, Michelle Northey.

HR Social Media

4. Open Enrollment: How did it go?

Annual enrollment is coming to an end and the prepping for another year of strategy and planning is in full force. How did you and your team perform? Read our blog, How to Evaluate Your Benefits Administration Outsourcing Vendor After Open Enrollment to see one perspective that can guide your post-enrollment analysis.

open enrollment

5. ACA Reporting 2020

As the calendar year ends, ACA reporting season is right around the corner. What are you doing to prepare? Download our Employer's Roadmap to ACA to conquer this year's ACA reporting season.

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