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Written by Claire Bauer | October 11, 2019

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We published fresh new content this week covering total compensation statements, benefit offerings, and more. You might have seen our updates on social media, or received our articles sent to your inbox... but if you haven't make sure you subscribe to our benefitexpress blog or follow us on social media!

This week's round-up topics include:

  • Time to talk total comp...
  • Let's get you registered for our FMLA webinar
  • The (benefits) moments that matter most
  • Dogs at the office? Yes, please!
  • Does your company offer "soft" benefits? 
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1. Time to talk total comp...  

One way you can show your employees the true value of their benefits and compensation package is through a total compensation statement. Allowing your employees to think beyond the dollars and cents on their pay stubs will help them to better understand how much you're truly investing in them.

Communicating the value of their entire compensation package is key to increasing employee engagement and retention. Read a new blog post from our benefits experts covering total compensation statement best practices and tips. 

HR Social Media - Total Compensation Statement Best Practices

2. Let's get you registered for our FMLA webinar

There is still time to register for our upcoming FMLA webinar on Tuesday, October 22nd. Starting at 1PM CT, ERISA attorney Larry Grudzien will answer questions live in an interactive Q&A facilitated by chief marketing officer Julia Goebel on key FMLA topics such as: 

  • What conditions qualify for FMLA 
  • Best practices for distributing a designation notice
  • When (and why) to extend an employee's leave 
  • ...and more! 

Save your spot now before it's too late (you won't want to miss this). 

HR Social Media - Register for our upcoming FMLA webinar

3. The (benefits) moments that matter most

We've been waiting for this moment... annual enrollment. As a benefits professional, it's easy to get wrapped up in all things benefits during this time of year. We can certainly relate. But what about your employees?  

Michelle Northey, Chief Product Officer, shares 5 keys to help your employees understand their benefits and how you, as an employer, can best prepare them for those big life (benefits) moments.

HR Social Media - 5 key areas to help your employees understand their benefits

4. Dogs at the office? Yes please!

It's ironic that flu season and annual enrollment season coincide, isn't it? It's no secret that annual enrollment is a stressful time. Did you see our Facebook post last week? Thanks to our FUN committee for planning a de-stress event before open enrollment is in full swing. 

HR Social Media

5. Does your company offer "soft" benefits? 

What are "soft" benefits - and how will they help your company? Well, giving your employees the freedom and flexibility to create their own work-life balance builds trust and also keeps a healthy and happy work culture. 

Here are some "soft benefits" ideas to consider adding to your benefits package. 

HR Social Media - Soft Benefit Ideas

Whether you're needing extra assistance making total compensation statements, enhancing your communication strategy, or searching for answers about "soft benefits" offerings, our experts are ready to help. Connect with a consultant today


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