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Written by Claire Bauer | February 21, 2020

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We sure were feeling the love this week! Between wearing red on February 14th to raise money for the American Heart Association and our company-wide town hall meeting, we were able to submerse ourselves in company culture and grow as a team.

However, it wasn't just all fun and games! We are busy wrapping up 2020 ACA reporting season and getting ready for our upcoming webinar on Thursday, February 27.

You may have seen these updates on our social platforms already, but if you didn't, here's a quick recap. 

This week's social media topics include: 

  • Our special guest appearance on Shortlister  
  • ACA reporting is in full swing 
  • benefitexpress town hall recap
  • Going through a break-up? 
  • Upcoming webinar 

1. Guest speaker on Shortlister's webinar series

This month we were a guest on Shortlister's webinar series, Meet a Vendor. Our team shared information about our service philosophy, employee engagement and technology updates for 2020. What is our secret sauce? Find out in the on-demand recording

Shortlister Meet a Vendor Webinar - HR Social Media

2. Full speed ahead! ACA reporting in 2020

Deadlines loom as employers are in the midst of 2020 ACA reporting season. Wherever you are in the process, the IRS has made some changes you should be aware of. We've summarized and recapped what you need to know in our ACA Reporting Deadlines Extended: What You Need to Know blog

ACA 2020 Reporting - HR Social Media

3. It's town hall time

Every quarter we get the benefitexpress team together to talk about our yearly and quarterly goals. Hearing from our leadership team and various departments about their achievements to date deserves a standing ovation!

HR Social Media - benefitexpress Culture

4. Nobody said break-ups were easy 

But sometimes, they are necessary. Take our quiz to see if might be time to re-evaluate your benefits administration options and reveal your relationship results!

Relationship Quiz - HR Social Media

5. Last chance to register! 

The next webinar in our ERISA compliance series is coming up quickly! Join us on Thursday, February 27th, to learn all about Medicare and Employer Health Coverage. We'll discuss coordinating Medicare and employer coverage, when job-based insurance is primary or secondary, and more with our ERISA attorney Larry Grudzien. 

Medicare Webinar - HR Social Media

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