Michelle Northey November 21, 2019 3 min read

Pass the Turkey and a Side of Total Rewards

Showing gratitude with total rewards

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. As a kid, I enjoyed going to my grandma’s house which was filled with all the smells of holiday cooking and the love of family.

As an adult, I’ve carried on the traditions with my family at my house. And I’m very appreciative that Benefitexpress provides both Thanksgiving and the day after as company holidays to allow for extended celebration time. This is a nice benefit and brings me to my point.

With annual enrollment underway, much of the focus is on traditional “enrollable benefits” such as medical, dental, vision, or life insurance coverage. Employees are reviewing options and making selections for the coming year. However, many employers offer much more than what falls under the traditional benefits umbrella.

Lifestyle benefits such as auto insurance at discounted rates, purchasing power for big ticket items (a new TV for the holidays?!), pet insurance for Fido and employee discounts for tickets to Disney or a voucher for a free turkey all add depth to the employee experience and show appreciation from an employer to their workforce. Don’t let this opportunity pass by without showing your gratitude and communicating the full breadth of what your company offers.

Top 3 reasons to show employees gratitude with total rewards

  1. To showcase the full value of your programs and perks
  2. To communicate your company’s investment in employees
  3. To garner appreciation that boosts employee satisfaction and retention

Take advantage of this time of year to show your appreciation to your employees with a total rewards communication solution. Total compensation statements combine compensation information, benefits enrollments and perks and other rewards. And you don't have to look far - find out more about Benefitexpress total compensation statements and benefits communication solutions today.

With our unique combination of domain expertise, software and client-centric service approach, we are here to support your organizational needs. We’ll take care of it so you can treat yourself to an extra piece of pumpkin pie!

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