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Redesigned Website Highlights benefitexpress Capabilities and Corporate Culture

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — benefitexpress™ the market-leading benefits administration solutions provider is excited to announce the launch of its fully redesigned public-facing website at

“This total overhaul is more than just another step in our ambitious journey to enhance brand awareness and share actionable thought leadership,” said Melanie Hallenbeck, chief growth officer, marketing officer, benefitexpress. “Our improved site is a tangible expression of our culture and how we commit to our customers’ success.”

Sharing industry-leading expertise

The revamped website gives a no hype, no jargon overview of how the dedicated client teams at benefitexpress deliver first-class customer service, industry-leading technology and deep domain knowledge to its employer clients.

Along with detailed descriptions of benefitexpress services and demonstrations of how they are delivered, the website includes access to benefitexpress experts’ industry knowledge, with downloadable white papers, how-to guides, webinar transcripts, and more. A growing library of resources covers topics ranging from benefits technology, regulatory compliance, and COVID-19, to decision support, recruitment and retention, and all aspects of benefits administration.

“benefitexpress specializes in making the most complex benefits administration challenges simple for our clients. The shared mission of every one of our employees is to work hard every day to free your benefits team to do their best work for your organization and employees,” continues Hallenbeck. “Our redesigned website reflects the commitment to unbeatable service that permeates every part of the benefitexpress corporate culture. Our commitment to creative problem solving, flexibility, and full accountability in our own business helps assure our clients' success. We've built our cloud-based technology and processes around a unique, laser focus on client service delivery and support. Take a look at our revamped site and let us show what it means when we promise to be a ‘true benefits administration partner.”

Culture matters when choosing a partner

benefitexpress is a community of pathfinders, client advocates, and solution makers with a shared purpose — to use the best available benefits administration technology, industry-leading benefits expertise, and every ounce of their energy to improve the value of benefits for every person they serve.

They make sure each employee is empowered and accountable from day one, prioritizing teamwork and creative collaboration to give everyone the power to make a real impact and get real rewards for success, regardless of their role or tenure.

As benefitexpress keeps growing, they’re always looking for people who are eager to learn, who take pride in their work and who are excited to channel their expertise into finding the best solutions for their clients’ challenges every day.

It’s time to talk to benefitexpress

Benefits has never been more important to your current and future employees. And it has never been more challenging to deliver those benefits.

Even if every employer and employee hadn’t watched COVID-19 turn the world upside down, the complexity of designing, managing, and administering a comprehensive benefits program has never been greater. And that’s putting a massive strain on benefits professionals.

In July 2020, benefitexpress partnered with Employee Benefit News to help understand employers’ needs and challenges as they navigate COVID-19 and beyond. This survey made clear that many of your peers are searching for a better benefits partner — almost three quarters of respondents stated they were looking to switch/invest in benefits administration technology over the next 12-18 months.

Redesigned website shows benefitexpress abilities and culture

benefitexpress delivers unmatched outsourced benefits administration services and expertise through broker and direct-to-employer client partnerships. The company is committed to providing each of its partners genuine service excellence, backed by industry-leading technology and a team with domain knowledge as deep as any in the industry.

Every benefitexpress partner can count on:

  • A transparent partnership — your benefitexpress team will ensure they understand customers’ needs and are aligned with your benefits strategy on everything from initial implementation to ongoing support.
  • A flexible, responsive account team — at benefitexpress, your account partners are an extension of your team, with the ability to respond immediately to customer requests. Account teams are pre-approved to make decisions, ensuring issues are solved and changes are made fast. They are so committed to getting it right that benefitexpress can tie its implementation fees to meeting milestones on spec and on time.
  • Strategic guidance — benefitexpress does more than just react quickly to your requests, however. They help you anticipate changes. With an average of 20+ years’ experience in benefits administration, they’ve helped hundreds of employers refine benefits strategy and prepare for the “next normal.”
  • Dedicated customer service delivered by YOUR benefitexpress account team — You won’t be putting in a change request or support ticket and hoping for the best. Your requests for help go directly to the same team you’ve worked with from day one, people you know and trust.
  • An advanced, user-friendly system — The My Benefit Express™ cloud-based portal provides a simple yet powerful way for employees and benefits departments to access and manage every aspect of the benefits process.
  • Cost-saving administrative efficiencies — Administering benefits is complex and expensive no matter what your organization’s size. For some it makes sense to develop and continuously upgrade systems, hire and retain expert staff, and absorb all of those costs. Other customers prefer the simplicity and savings of letting a partner invest in keeping your benefits administration infrastructure state of the art. benefitexpress will handle the tough stuff while customers focus on building the best benefits program possible for their employees.
“We aren’t bragging when we tell you we haven't lost a single customer to the competition in half a decade. We are humbled by and grateful for the fact that over 90% of our clients actively serve as a reference for us,” shares Hallenbeck. “benefitexpress is dedicated to keeping our current and new customers’ trust for decades to come.”

Redesigned website shows benefitexpress abilities and culture

The benefitexpress team specializes in complexity. With the average client’s benefits program covering 2,000 to 20,000 employees, benefitexpress is uniquely positioned to help large and mid-market employers administer increasingly complicated benefits programs.

Powered by real-world expertise, benefitexpress makes outsourcing as simple, intuitive and personal as it should be — for your benefits team and for your employees.

“If you think benefitexpress can help your team deliver benefits with less stress and more support than you’re getting now, visit our website, see what we mean by being a true benefits administration partner, and then schedule a call," suggests Hallenbeck. “We can’t wait to help your employees get the benefits experience they deserve and the unparalleled service your benefits administration investment demands.”

About benefitexpress

benefitexpress is a market-leading benefits administration solutions provider with first-class customer service, industry-leading technology and deep domain knowledge.

Our SaaS solution integrates all benefits activity in one centralized platform, bringing simplicity to complex plans and our dedicated implementation and administration teams are empowered to make decisions quickly based on a deep understanding of each client’s needs.

In addition to ensuring employees have friction-free access to information and assistance, all of our benefits administration implementations create a custom-made experience that engages and educates your employees and their families.

While giving employers high-touch, low-stress benefits management and reporting and decision support capabilities unmatched in the market.

benefitexpress provides a suite of end-to-end solutions, including benefits enrollment, management and administration, ACA compliance, COBRA and direct bill services, reimbursement account administration, carrier bill reconciliation, dependent verification, and a full-service call center designed to act as an extension of its client’s benefits department.

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