Don’t Make These 3 Common Open Enrollment Mistakes

Written by Lauren Fischer | September 8, 2019

Open Enrollment Mistakes

It’s the final countdown! Open Enrollment is mere weeks away, and all the research, planning and preparations you’ve done are about to come full circle.

While active enrollment lasts two to four weeks for employees, it’s a multi-month marathon for HR and benefits teams. We’ve given you tons of tips over the past couple months to strengthen your Open Enrollment strategy, but bumps in the road are bound to happen.

As benefits administration and technology experts, we’ve seen it all. So, we have one final push to keep your strategy on track to success.

Skimping on Communication

We can’t stress enough the importance of communication before, during and after open enrollment. For example, one sole email announcing open enrollment dates and deadlines isn’t going to cut it – especially when many participants will wait until the last minute to enroll. Every reminder makes a difference! Already have an email cadence in place? Add one more to the series.

Think of it this way: when it comes to open enrollment, over-communication doesn’t exist.

Whatever your communication plan, make sure your message is easy to understand and allows for questions. Need help? Check out our custom communication services.

Failing to Educate

According to HR Executive, many employees prefer new or improved benefits offerings to a salary increase. But if employees aren't educated about these benefits, they may forego them altogether, which can be viewed as 'leaving money on the table.' Employers must provide better education on these programs to make it easier for employees to take advantage of them, plus increase open enrollment participation.

Finances aside - reading about benefits can be intimidating. While terms like FSA, HSA, COBRA and HDHP are second nature to HR and benefits pros, they can seem like a foreign language to employees. Spend more time educating employees on how these plans work, emphasizing that education of health care options is critical to making informed decisions for themselves and their family members.

Under-utilizing Your Benefits Administration Partner

Don't run the Open Enrollment marathon on your own. Instead, use the services offered by your benefits administration provider to their full potential. From decision support to plan comparisons, customer care and communications materials, we guide our clients every step of the way. Not only do these services benefit clients for year-round benefits administration, but help create an engaging open enrollment experience for everyone.

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