6 Ways to Enhance Your Open Enrollment Communication Strategy


Written by Claire Bauer | December 20, 2019

Open Enrollment Email Tips 

Communicating with employees come annual enrollment time is no easy task, but is essential to a successful open enrollment period.

In today's technological world, digital communication is a must when employee benefits are at hand. Whether you're utilizing an enrollment technology platform, email or direct mailing, there are various tools to enhance your communication strategy and keep the open enrollment process simple and productive. 

Preparing for annual enrollment is a timely task to say the least. Have you downloaded our open enrollment email template e-book yet? We include email samples for passive and active enrollment to help you successfully cross the open enrollment finish line. 

Check out these benEXPERT tips in the meantime to keep your open enrollment strategy top-notch! 


We understand the importance of keeping communication at the forefront of your organizational strategy. Benefitexpress offers a wide array of communication services to take your strategy to conception to completion. Download our communication services product sheet to learn more.


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