Webinar | Paper to Power Player: Discussion Notes for Online Benefits Enrollment

Written by benefitexpress | August 3, 2017

Why Online Benefits Administration?

When met with the challenge of switching your process from paper to online benefits enrollment, a heap of questions and uncertainties accompany the task.

We had a couple benefitexpress experts  as well as an accomplished resource from the broker arm of benefits  meet to discuss how it really works...and how it could save your money, time, and sanity.

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Meet the Experts

Anne Burkett
 — USI Insurance Brokerage and Consulting
Lauren Nichols — benefitexpress
Rachel Marchfield — benefitexpress

Lauren led off with a review of a case study involving a hospital system that chose to make the switch. The challenge presented itself in the initial setup: this system spanned 11 locations - all of which on a different HRIS. There were three main accomplishments when they made the switch to online benefits enrollment:

  1. Onboarding & Communications: Our tool enabled this hospital system to achieve a more robust new-hire "intro to benefits" as well as year-round communications to keep their compensation top-of-mind.
  2. EDI: Our centralized database compensated for any previous information discrepancies and allowed for more accurate reporting. 
  3. Open Enrollment: Switching from manual data entry is a big change for not only HR, but for the enrollees. With the right training and communication, we helped this hospital system receive resounding positive feedback from employees.

Follow their success and get started.

Along with Lauren's review of a few benefits, Anne added some tips to ensure the best ROI when implementing an online solution (video time code 07:52):

  • Talk to your users & note any unanticipated insights. Often times, the tool can accomplish more for your company than originally planned.
  • Utilize the wisdom from your technology vendor. They have already practiced what makes an implementation most successful.
  • If you're using a tech broker, they are your resource. They can answer questions relating to the details of employee eligibility, benefit plan contracts, and can ensure the solution you choose will be "all systems go" come open enrollment.
  • Envision how the change will affect your population. Make sure you consider how communications and processes will be updated to best prepare your people.

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