How to Build Better Benefit Experiences for Multi-Gen Workforce

Written by benefitexpress | August 3, 2018

Multi-Generational Workforce

The multi-generational workforce is not new — but the ability to customize and personalize benefits recommendations is becoming more accessible to companies of all sizes. Seasoned benefit advisers and consultants know that meeting employers' expectations for a positive benefits administration experience can be challenging - especially when considering the dynamics of a multi-generational workforce with varying health concerns and preferences at play.

With personalization for the multi-generational workforce becoming the new norm, benefit advisers must help companies create health programs that meet evolving consumer and generational expectations related to education and communication about their health benefit options.

The easiest (and most cost effective) way to do this? Use technology to personalize the benefits experience.

Newcomers and veterans alike have watched a rapid evolution of benefit selection technology in recent years, and most of us in the industry acknowledge that the days of transactional technology experiences — where employees simply accessed a portal and selected a health care benefit — are gone.

Instead, employees now want personalized experiences that match their desired communication needs and health care priorities. Yet to administer such varied product offerings, employers need to provide an intuitive enrollment experience that fully engages employees. For example, the health care priorities and expectations of millennials, who now comprise the largest percentage of the workforce, can be drastically different than baby boomers.

To address these differences, employers need customizable platforms that effectively educate and empower employees in the way they desire to make the best decisions. Beyond the technology itself, this also requires a comprehensive and adaptable communications strategy. For example, employers are wise to develop flexible support and education channels — including chat, call center or bot – while continuing the traditional enrollment meetings and webinars that can provide more detailed education experiences.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach that meets the needs of all generations in the workforce — baby boomers, Generation X, millennials and the up-and-coming Generation Z. While it’s easy to gravitate towards uniform benefit strategies, the reality is employee satisfaction can ultimately be linked to customized, personalized experiences.

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