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[WEBINAR] #MeToo ERISA Compliance in the Workplace

MeToo in the Workplace

We've all seen the hashtag #MeToo. While this movement impacts the entire population, HR and employee relations managers experience it a little differently.

They must navigate the space for the safety and well-being of employees, while ensuring organization compliance with legal and regulatory guidelines.

As a human resources professional, you need to be in the know on compliance matters. What can HR professionals do to ensure compliance in a climate of #MeToo?


After the viral #MeToo hashtag came to life in 2017, awareness of misconduct reached new levels. Now, in the two-plus years post-hashtag, it's a global conversation that can elicit strong emotions.

Unfortunately, professional settings are not immune to the effects of #MeToo. In fact, a 2016 Harvard Business Review survey showed that 25% of women experienced sexual coercion at work and 66% received unwanted sexual attention. And it is recognized that harassment knows no gender - with unwanted advances affecting men and women alike.

How does this translate in the workplace? And what is your company or organization doing to ensure compliance in a post #MeToo world?

Webinar overview

Our on-demand webinar covers:

  • What is #MeToo?
  • Whether employees feel comfortable approaching HR with a complaint
  • Updated training and courses in response to #MeToo
  • How companies should respond to accusations
  • What changes need to happen within your company?
  • And more

Webinar slides

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Webinar recording

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