benefitexpress May 30, 2018 3 min read

[WEBINAR] The Alphabet Soup of Carrier Integration: EDI vs. API

EDI vs. API: What's the difference?

If you have ever compared benefits administration software vendors, you’ve likely heard the acronyms EDI and API presented as carrier integration offerings. At the core, both transmit data from one platform to another, but what is the difference between the two? And, most importantly, why should you (and your clients) care?

Recently, Scott Evans, chief product officer at benefitexpress decoded the alphabet soup of carrier integration. With over 20 years of benefits technology experience, Scott has assisted with the implementation of thousands of EDI integrations, and understands all too well the limitations that brokers and their employer groups face during the process.

An ambassador for the industry, Scott explained not only the difference between EDI and API, but shared his reflection on where integration technology is going, why carriers need to get on board with API (and how brokers can encourage them to do so, quickly), and why working with a benefits technology partner that integrates through EDI as well as API is critical to the success of your portfolio offerings.

Key webinar takeaways include:

•What is the difference between EDI and API carrier integration?

• What are the major EDI/API carrier integration limitations facing brokers?

•Carrier integration questions to consider when selecting a benefits administration technology platform for your clients

Curious for more? Watch a recording of this session, or download the slides.


Download the webinar slides here.

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