Why Brokers Need HRIS (and Vice-Versa)

Written by benefitexpress | May 16, 2017

HRIS for Brokers

Some things just don’t go together – kittens and nice furniture, children and caffeine – and recently, some technology companies have tried to convince employers that brokers and HRIS belong on that list.

Emerging “one stop shop” HR systems have attempted to cast brokers as obsolete, claiming employers only need HRIS technology without support. This idea of an obsolete broker is flat out false.

A successful broker is a savvy benefits pro who enlists tools (largely online enrollment and administration) that enable them to be the best possible resource. If you aren't using an HRIS, here’s what you could be missing:

Thinking beyond the transaction

Today’s brokers are there for clients beyond the frenzied weeks surrounding enrollment. One benefit of working with a broker partner is year-round engagement.

While brokers are not obsolete, those who focus only on the transactional aspect of selling benefits without providing continual support to clients will find themselves with a dwindling book of business. To retain success, many brokers utilize an HRIS to expedite their role.

Getting it right the first time

As much as an online benefits platform can make the experience easier, some human error is unavoidable. Combining the accuracy of online enrollment with an experienced human contact to help sort out mistakes ensures an easier experience for everyone involved.

Connection on every level

68% of employees want to select their benefits online, but that doesn’t mean they are comfortable with the online segment being the only part of their enrollment experience. The majority of every generation in the workforce (even millennials) want a face-to-face conversation when they have questions.

Even the best decision support tool will not be sufficient as a standalone source to learn the value of a comprehensive benefits package. The right broker will provide the easy, online experience that employers and employees want, combined with the personal support they need to keep them feeling good about their benefits choices.

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