Social Round-Up: 3-2-1...Action!

Social Round-Up

Written by Claire Bauer | September 13, 2019

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The moment you have planned for all year is almost here: Open Enrollment. It's time to put your hard work into action.

We hope that our expert tips on executing a successful open enrollment over these past few weeks have been helpful. We recently published a new blog post covering the most common open enrollment mistakes we see, bringing everything full-circle.

This week, we're delivering even more insight from our benefit experts and partners to make benefit offerings not just a yearly event, but a year-round conversation. 

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1. And... Action! 

October will be here before you know it—marking the beginning of not just holiday season, but Open Enrollment season. Year-after-year, we see repeated mistakes that can easily be avoided. Here's a final push to keep your strategy on track to success. 

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2. Cost of Benefits + Financial Wellness 

Did you know? Rising healthcare costs are employees’ number one financial concern. Pair this with the expenses of everyday life and it comes as no surprise that over 42 million Americans struggle financially. As an employer, you’re already providing employees paychecks and benefits – what else can you do? And why is it important to take action? 

Our partners at Voya Financial share their 3 ideas on how benefits leaders can support employees during the cost-shifting crisis. Looking for more? We have tips of our own on how to support financial wellness in the workplace


3. Let's Talk Total Compensation Statements 

Speaking of healthcare costs and the value of benefits, do your employees know how much you have invested in them? From salary, benefits, pension and/or 401(k) information, personalized total compensation statements are the perfect tool to display all this information in one place.

Be sure to check out the Facebook post we shared this week for more information: 

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4. Artificial Intelligence is Going Viral

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows organizations to gain competitive advantage, make stronger decisions and lower costs. HR Technologist shares in their tweet this week how AI has created faster and better experiences for employees and candidates - specifically with the use of chatbots. 

We agree - and not just for quick communication, but for offering the best benefits experience based on individualized data. 

As an HR professional, finding the right mixture of salary and benefit offerings is easier said than done. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help to keep employee confidence high while granting you the ability to control costs. We share our expertise on benefits administration software and AI in this whitepaper to help you get the best bang for your buck (and why!).


5. Did You See Our Tip Tuesday? 

Yes, open enrollment is a great time to educate and inform your employees about their benefit offerings—but it shouldn't stop there. As they say: the more you know, the more you grow...

Having engaging benefits conversations help create a satisfied (and growing!) workforce. Helping your employees take advantage of their offerings while also understanding what is being offered goes a long way.

We have various examples on our Communication Services page to help you communication more effectively and engage your employees throughout the entire calendar year.   

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Bonus Post: Register for Our Upcoming Webinar 

We don’t want you to miss out on our upcoming webinar on September 24! Wondering what will happen if Obamacare is shut down? We answer all your questions in our must-attend webinar. Save your seat and register today

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