Social Round-Up: Good-bye Summer, Hello Open Enrollment!

Social Round-Up

Written by Claire Bauer | August 16, 2019

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Summer is a time for backyard BBQ's and family vacations - however, it also time to design your upcoming Open Enrollment plan. 

We've been sharing our tips on various HR social media platforms to help you exceed all expectations when it comes to Open Enrollment. You may have seen a few, but if you haven't, make sure you are following us on your platform of choice:

You've worked hard these past few months and we are here to help put that hard work into action! 

1. Stay healthy during Open Enrollment (and here's why!)

Have you seen this recent social post from benefitexpress partner, Optum? They studied the five different dimensions of health and report on the connection between well-being and the employee experience.

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2. Exceed Open Enrollment Expectations! 

It's time to re-vamp your client's open enrollment with our customizable, cloud-based benefits enrollment platform. Brokers, you won't want to miss our affordable, flexible and easy-to-use solution for your client's benefits administration.

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3. Millennials and Benefits Enrollment 

Targeting the lifestyle needs of millennials during benefits enrollment requires a fundamentally different approach to that of their baby boomer coworkers. But, with 73 million millennials currently in the American workforce, and an age range that spans to late-thirty-somethings, it is a group that can no longer afford to be ignored or misunderstood.

That's why we like this update from Blue Cross Blue Shield where they share millennial health trends that could affect future healthcare costs, productivity and more.

Once you've had a chance to revisit the trends for millenials, take your open enrollment game to the next level and download our white paper. You'll learn how to design a benefits enrollment strategy that provides an intuitive, personalized experience for your millennial population.

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4. Best-of-Breed Software Solutions

Today's brokers and benefits leaders are seeking superior technology along with point solutions such as a benefits platform provider partner to guide and educate employees on their benefits selections. Learn more about our best-of-breed software solution in this LinkedIn post:  

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5. The Ultimate Open Enrollment Survival Guide

We share our secrets on how to best prepare and execute a successful open enrollment in this post of ours: 

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