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Social Round-Up

Written by Claire Bauer | August 2, 2019

HR Social Media

Social media updates come and go quickly, and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on your favorite topics. Fear of missing out? Not anymore!

Our new bi-weekly series, the Social Round-Up, will keep you updated on our most popular and exciting posts that you may have missed in your feed.

To kick things off, we are starting with a few of our recent HR social media updates. Before we get started, make sure you are following us on your favorite platform of choice:

1. New E-Book Alert

This e-book, How (and why!) to Adopt a Best-in-Breed HR Technology Strategy, was recently published. This e-book will teach you how to say "goodbye" to the all-in-one human capital management systems model and "hello" to a best-in-breed strategy.

HR Social Media

2. New HRAs Coming in 2020

Missed last week's webinar? No worries! It's available through our on-demand webinar center along with many others. There are a few new HRAs coming your way in 2020, and we cover the important details you need to know.

HR Social Media

3. We're on Instagram!

We are benefits wise, relationship driven and our #TipTuesday posts allow us to do what we love most - share our benefits expertise with you!

HR Social Media

4. Guess who's back...back again...

Open enrollment season is right around the corner...which just so happens to coincide with flu season. To get your team prepared to tackle the stress (and germs) head-on, check out our Facebook post. Here, we share 4 ways to relieve the stresses of open enrollment for HR benefits leaders.

HR Social Media

5. #DYK

Did you know your employee onboarding program could be the key to employee retention and attracting top talent? We lay it all out in this tweet:

HR Social Media

Benefits management and social media evolve quickly, making it easy to miss industry updates and announcements on your feeds. Keep following us on your platform of choice and subscribe to our weekly newsletter where we cover all you need to know on benefits administration.


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