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Written by Claire Bauer | January 26, 2020

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You've heard correctly! We were named one of the Top Vendors for benefits administration solutions by Shortlister! Our number one priority is our client service experience and ensuring we provide the flexibility and superior customer service they deserve.

However, that wasn't the only exciting update we shared on our social media platforms this week...

This week's social media topics include:

  • What do millennials want to see offered in their benefits package? 
  • HBCE, here we come! 
  • We made the shortlist...again! 
  • ACA reporting 
  • Free HR webinars

1. What do millennials wish were offered in their benefits package? 

The definition of 'millennial' will differ depending on the source, but the general rule of thumb is that millennials are individuals born between 1981 and 1996 (and that's a huge gap!). Millennials are the largest group in today's competitive labor market making it difficult to stand out from the crowd when it comes to benefits offerings. So, what's on a millennial's benefit wish list? Click through to find out! 

Millennials and Benefit Offerings

2. It was great to see you at HBCE! 

This week we were in Clearwater Beach, Florida at the 29th Annual Health Benefits Conference + Expo. We had a blast sharing our benefits administration software with other organizations (and being in the sun was a plus, too!). This was our first event of 2020, and certainly won't be the last! 

HBCE Conference

3. We made the shortlist...again! 

We were named one of the top benefits administration solution providers (again) by Shortlister! As a forward-thinking benefits administration partner, we are dedicated to putting our technology and high-touch service needs at the forefront every single day.  

Shortlist Vendor Benefits Administration















4. Surviving this year's ACA deadlines 

Are you ready for ACA Reporting in 2020? We have all the resources to help you be successful this year covering all the topics in our blog post: 

  • How to determine employer status and affordability 
  • Employer reporting ACA tips
  • Special cases and employer noncompliance 

ACA Reporting

Bonus! Make sure you download our Employer's Roadmap to ACA E-Book. ACA compliance can be confusing, but with this e-book, it doesn't have to be. 

5. Free ERISA compliance webinars 

Missed a few webinars? No problem. Visit our free on-demand webinar center to tune in to our latest ERISA compliance discussion and other sessions you may have missed. Every month, we host free HR and benefits webinars on issues that HR professionals are most interested in. Subscribe to our blog for upcoming webinar dates delivered straight to your inbox, and comment below to add your suggestions! 

Free HR webinars

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There's still time to start the new year off right! A new benefits administration platform may be the change that your organization needs. Download our How to Transition Benefits Administration Platforms e-book to see just how easy the switch can be. 


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