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A great benefits administration partner is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find, lucky to have

How to find a true benefits administration partner

Can you confidently say you have the best benefits administration partner in the business? Someone who is always "looking around the corners" for you? A partner who helps you build a great reputation for your department, with easy enrollment and immediate responsiveness to not only your needs, but your participants'?

Most of our clients switched to benefitexpress because the answer to that question was "no." They haven't left us for the competition since.

If you are looking for a better benefits administration partner because your current vendor is not meeting expectations, keep reading.

A bunch of malarkey

Most benefits administration providers have flashy technology but lack the ability to deliver the administrative precision and high-touch service you need to run a successful benefits program.

They are consistently adding work to your plate instead of removing it. You’re having to fix careless errors, help employees enroll, work with carriers to integrate data, and more.

Worse yet, your employees are equally frustrated. Your partner’s lack of experience is causing enrollment issues and even paycheck mistakes. Because of this, employees are losing trust in your department.

Additionally, the enrollment experience and resources for participant support are frequently coming up wanting. The biggest complaint is that customer support is non-existent. Employees feel like a ticket, not a person, and can’t get the answers they need when they need them.

You are feeling frustrated, overworked and if this was a vendor you championed, your reputation may even be on the line. You are disappointed because you don’t feel like your provider supports your department or cares for your employees.

Annual enrollment has become an annual nightmare.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Benefits are a vital part of your company and culture, but subpar administration can create headaches for you and stress for your employees.

When you choose to outsource benefits administration, you deserve to be set up and positioned for program success. Your employees should feel personally supported and cared for.

Benefits enrollment and administration shouldn’t have to be a constant struggle.

Let us be your lucky charm

benefitexpress delivers a truly outsourced benefits administration experience. We’re committed to service excellence, backed by industry-leading technology and possess deep domain knowledge that is unmatched in the market.

Led by benefits experts, our team makes outsourcing as simple, intuitive and personal as it should be — not just for you, but your employees, too.

At benefitexpress, we specialize in complexity. Our average client covers 2,000 to 20,000 employees, so we’re uniquely positioned to help large and mid-market employers administer complicated benefits programs.

Our client-facing staff averages 13 years in the benefits industry; our executive team averages 25. Our team members hail from Willis Towers Watson, Mercer, Fidelity, and AonHewitt, so we know first-hand what it’s like to manage benefits administration for organizations like yours. If you have a problem, odds are we’ve seen it and know how to help.

Benefits are complex, but administration doesn’t have to be when you work with benefitexpress.

Are you ready to sham-rock and roll?

If you’re ready to deliver benefits with less stress and more support than you’re getting now, it’s time to get in touch.

We start by scheduling a call so you can share your unique goals and challenges with our experienced ben admin technology consultants.

Then, we set time for a custom demonstration so you can see our technology in action, meet your future team and preview what life with benefitexpress could look like.

Finally, our service-centric business model and over 90% client referenceability rate stands out from the crowd. You can’t imagine another annual enrollment without our team of experts to guide you, and we decide to work together.

As you replace your current vendor with benefitexpress, you’ll notice some big differences in how we do things.

Using our proven methodology, we get you up and running in 12-16 weeks and set you up for ongoing success. But the work doesn’t end after implementation or begin with annual enrollment. The same team you had for implementation works tirelessly to provide you with error-free benefits administration, year-round.

Your dedicated team of account managers are always “looking around the corner for you” ready to tackle compliance updates, adjust for changing regulations or stop errors before they occur. benefitexpress becomes an expert on your company culture, benefit offerings, and unique administration rules and preferences. This knowledge will inform every annual enrollment, acquisition, or other special project you have so you can roll out necessary changes efficiently and pain-free.

No shenanigans: Finally, a true benefits administration partner

When you partner with benefitexpress, we pledge to deliver these six pillars of an outstanding client relationship:

  1. A transparent partnership
  2. A flexible, responsive account team
  3. An advanced, user-friendly system
  4. Dedicated customer service
  5. Strategic guidance on best practices
  6. Cost-saving administrative efficiencies

Don’t waste your time with a benefits administration provider that saddles you and your team with high costs, tedious work and bad service.

Learn how benefitexpress puts time back in your day, helps conserve financial resources, supports you and your employees with service excellence, and eliminates administrative headaches for good. Simply schedule a call to get started.

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