Allison Loehman March 14, 2019 3 min read

[WEBINAR] How to Administer Wellness Programs in Today's Regulatory Environment

Are you struggling to make sense of the recent legislative updates surrounding employer sponsored wellness programs? Perhaps you are trying to decide whether to continue with current wellness plans, modify your plans without guidance from the EEOC, postpone new wellness programs or discontinue them all together.

It’s a complicated landscape ripe with several options for “next steps” for employees and plan sponsors of wellness plans in 2019 — with perhaps the biggest barrier of all being that employers cannot measure the risk of wellness plans at this time.

To help guide you through this maze of options, watch our one-hour webinar on-demand to learn what rules remain after the EEOC’s regulations were found invalid and what rules have to be met in 2019 in order to offer a valid wellness program.

How to administer wellness programs in today's regulatory environment

This webinar covers:

  • Requirements under HIPAA
  • Requirements under the Internal Revenue Code
  • Requirements under ERISA
  • Requirements under GINA
  • Requirements under ADA
  • Requirements under ACA

Webinar slides

Download the webinar slides here.

Webinar recording

Watch the webinar here.

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