Michelle Northey September 27, 2019 5 min read

The (Benefits) Moments that Matter Most to Your Employees

Help employees understand their benefits

Employee benefits is a one day a year thing during annual enrollment, right?

With annual enrollment getting into full swing this Fall, it’s easy to get wrapped up with what’s happening right now and may be the most important time of year for you as a benefits practitioner. However, your employees may have a very different perspective...

For the mother in the emergency room with her injured child desperately trying to understand what is covered by her medical insurance, that is the day her health benefits are most important.

For the spouse whose wife passed away and needs to understand the life insurance policy and death benefits, that is the day the life insurance benefits are most important.

For the family whose new puppy gets injured and they need to understand how their pet insurance works, that is the day that type of lifestyle benefit is most important.

Look back to the question in the headline…the answer is no. The most important day (or days) of the year for employee benefits are during the moments that matter most to the employee.

How are you as an employer preparing your employees for these moments that matter most to them? It starts with five key areas to your employee experience.


How do your employees know what is available to them and where can they learn about what types of benefits to choose?  By providing a centralized site where employees can learn about the benefits available to them and enabling tools to help with decision support, you can increase the likelihood of employees selecting the right benefits for their needs.


Are you providing targeted and personalized information to your employees that is most relevant and meaningful to them as an individual?  Executing on a multi-channel communications strategy and reaching your employees in their channel of choice – whether email, text or mobile -- and with information targeted specifically to them, will increase their knowledge of what your organization has to offer them and why it matters.


During these moments that matter most, how are you supporting your employees? By providing a call center that is trained and knowledgeable in the benefits your organization provides and can quickly address employee issues or concerns, your employee satisfaction will increase.


How often are you communicating with your employees on the full spectrum of benefits and rewards available to them? A good start is an online total compensation approach. And you can take that a step further to communicate total rewards to visualize the full value of what is available to your employees beyond compensation and enrollable benefits.


How do you know how you are doing? What would your employees say about their benefits experiences if you asked them? Easy ways to start gathering that feedback is through participant surveys right after a call to the call center or a quick feedback poll after benefits enrollment.

Employee benefits are the most-wanted perk an employer can offer - but if you're not taking the steps to ensure proper understanding of these benefits, it puts both the employer and employee at an unnecessary disadvantage. 

So, while we may be at the peak of annual enrollment season, consider this: when an employee is in a moment that matters, how well have you prepared them? Don't let the conversation stop with annual enrollment. Instead, work with your benefits administration provider to plan a year-round open enrollment communication strategy.

Need a little more direction? Download our Annual Enrollment Survival Guide - where we outline not only tips to open enrollment success, but best practices for creating an effective communication strategy.