Danielle Kamp May 28, 2021 4 min read

Why Your Employees (and Their Mental Health) Want Benefits Decision Support

The importance of benefits decision support

The pandemic has forced many of us to make difficult decisions when it comes to our health, finances, and our benefits. These decisions could have created sleepless nights and major anxiety for individuals and their families, especially if they did not receive the support and education they needed to make these choices.

For the third and final part of our mental health series this month, we will be discussing why your employees want and deserve benefits decision support to improve their mental health, and how benefitexpress can provide the tools you need to properly educate and support your employees.

The decision support tool your employees deserve

We know that most employees don’t have the time or support to fully understand their benefits options and choices, and that lack of understanding can cost them financially and mentally. In fact, 86% of employees don’t fully understand basic terms like deductible, copay, coinsurance, and out of pocket maximum.

That’s when our BeneFITwise Intelligence Guide™ comes in to save the day. Our decision support tool makes picking health insurance simple and educational for your employees. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze each employee’s unique needs, giving them personalized recommendations that optimize cost effectiveness and risk protection.

Personalized guidance and smart recommendations

The BeneFITwise Intelligence Guide offers unique advice for each employee’s medical plan and anonymized data is used to compare each employee to millions of others with similar needs when generating suggestions.

Your employees won’t ever have to feel alone during the decision-making process because they’re receiving the individualized support and guidance they need.

Take the anxiety out of choosing coverage

Employees can finally have a stress-free open enrollment experience with our benefits decision tool. Each employee can find the coverage and plan that works best for their situation, taking the anxiety out of choosing coverage.

With easy to understand comparisons of available health plans employees can feel secure in their decisions because they’ve been educated on the benefits available and what plans work best for them and their family. We understand benefits can be complicated, so we’re eager to share our benefits knowledge with you and your employees!

Appreciation and empowerment

Instead of feeling anxious, insecure, and overwhelmed about their benefits decisions, the BeneFITwise Intelligence Guide will leave your employees feeling appreciative and empowered about their benefits choices.

And you can feel secure in your employees’ satisfaction rate thanks to our post-enrollment reports that use de-identified data to give you actionable insight into how your workforce engages with benefits.

Help your employees make better decisions

If you want to give your employees the power to understand and optimize their health benefits, benefitexpress is ready to help you achieve your goal. Don’t let your employees drown in benefits anxiety. Instead, provide them with the guidance, education, and security available through the BeneFITwise Intelligence Guide.

Are you ready to help your team get the most out of your benefits offerings? Download our product sheet today!