Education Client Case Study

Written by benefitexpress | August 19, 2015

Benefits Administration for Universities

The client is a private University and medical center offering a full-range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees.

Employee Size:Approximately 24,000 employees

What issues was the University facing prior to the service benefitexpress provided?

  • Large employee population
  • Ongoing personal communications for large volumes of changes
  • Administration of vendor activity
  • Ongoing administration of COBRA and Direct Bill

What expectations did the University have for benefitexpress?

  • Process automated life events
  • New hire enrollments and AE with seamless interaction between employee elections being made, vendor notifications being sent, and ID cards being mailed
  • Generate eligibility notifications regarding Direct Bill changes and bill appropriately

What methods did benefitexpress take in order to solve these challenges?

  • Setup automated life events for ongoing QSC, including separate events for these "evergreen" plans such as Supplemental Life and LTD which can be changed at any time; automated enrollment changes without paper
  • Setup special report for Direct Bill notification and processing of the numerous changes between Paid and Unpaid Leave employees

How were the solutions tailored to meet the University's needs?

  • Special reports and processing to handle changes between Paid and Unpaid leave to assist in payroll reporting, collecting monies owed, and tracking eligibility with vendors

How did the University benefit as a result of the service benefitexpress provided?

What did the University like about the service benefitexpress provided?

  • One-stop shopping for enrollments, eligibility, and deduction review by employees
  • Ongoing assistance in Direct Bill administration and call center handling