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[WEBINAR] COVID-19 and the Workplace - New Challenges for Employers

COVID-19 for employers webinar

As an employer, HR professional or benefits administrator, chances are likely that matters related or as a result of COVID-19 are now at -- or near -- or exclusively -- the top of your daily agenda. And as a business leader, you know that the decisions and actions you take in tough times mean the most to employees. 

Understanding the coronavirus and its impact on Health and Welfare is imperative. What steps has your organization taken to ensure safe working conditions? How have policies surrounding sick time or leave of absences changed as a result of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act? Can you offer remote work? If so, what strategies do you have in place?

As part of our continuing ERISA Compliance series, we covered such topics and more in our March 31 webinar discussing COVID-19, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and the workplace.


The coronavirus pandemic has companies around the globe reevaluating their policies when it comes to leave of absences, payroll, telecommuting and, most of all, providing a safe work environment. Now, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (The Act) signed on March 19, 2020 becomes effective April 2, 2020. The webinar also covers key employment-related aspects of the law. 

In this webinar, we take a deeper look into how the novel coronavirus is not only affecting the way we live, but changing the way we work. From remote work environments, FMLA, contract agreements and more, we discuss how to navigate the changing workforce during this time of uncertainty, and answer questions to help you make the best decisions for the health and safety of your employees.

Webinar overview

Our on-demand webinar covers: 

  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act
  • Understanding coronavirus
  • How employers can prepare for an outbreak, now or in the future
  • Steps for protecting employees
  • Managing remote work
  • FMLA, sick time and leave of absences
  • HIPAA and healthcare issues
  • Contract & agreement issues
  • And more

Webinar slides

Download the webinar slides here.

Webinar recording

Watch the webinar here.