Our #1 Tip for Picking the Best HR Software

Written by benefitexpress | August 2, 2018

Picking the Best HR Software For Your Company

Embarking on the HR and benefits administration solution provider selection process can be overwhelming. There are several options to consider before committing. So, how can you identify the best match?

Our chief growth officer, Josh Trent, thinks it's pretty simple actually.Here is his top recommendation to help you find the best HR software for your company or client.

Consider the people just as much as the technology.

Technology is so important when choosing a long-term benefits administration provider, but it is secondary, and only as good as the team that is accountable for the configuration, support and delivery.

Look for a partner that is easily referenceable and offers a "benefits-wise" team with a highly trained, low-turnover staff that can address the most complex benefits issues and advise on best practices, providing unique solutions to the challenges.

Bottom line: Always hire a partner for the culture and accountability that they bring to the solution.

And there it is — our number one tip to consider when selecting an HR software for your organization or client. When you evaluate vendors based on culture and accountability, you'll be able to select a partner that can help you enhance enrollment participation and, most importantly, empower employees to make informed benefits decisions.

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