Benefits Snapshot - 7/5

Written by Allison Loehman | December 1, 2017

Work Opportunity Tax Credit | Self-Service Portals |ACA

Every day on our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages, we share need-to-know industry information for benefits pros. If you haven't joined the experts who follow us, here are the top stories from around the web:

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is the most profitable credit you may not have heard of. We've got you covered with a downloadable guide to the basics and a calculator so you can estimate your savings.

87% of organizations agree online self-service portals are the most efficient way to provide payroll and HR information to employees. The two most common uses for these portals - accessing payroll information and updating contact information - can save hours each week for HR departments when they're available for employees to manage themselves.

Microsites (such as the ones we create for clients) can go a long way in improving financial wellness with employees. Also on the list of tools to add - defined analytics, personalized support, and the right program design for your company culture.

The Affordable Care Act can force some employers to forego less conventional (but more generous) benefits in order to adhere to metal-tier plans. In those cases, HRAs are allowing some employers the flexibility to offer more to employees while staying compliant with the ACA.

Wellness programs are a major focus for 2017 and beyond. They're no longer an option for employers; they're a must-have for engagement and culture efforts. While employers know they should have one, many don't know how to make their wellness effortswork with their day-to-day operations. Here is a list of the top 3 questions you should be asking to ensure yours is giving you the results you need.

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