Benefits Snapshot - 7/18

Written by Allison Loehman | December 12, 2017

NAHU Vanguard Council | ACA Repeal | BCRA Vote

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Our very own Lorraine Holly recently finished her term as the chair of the National Association of Health Underwriters' (NAHU) Vanguard Council. She took some time to reflect on her time with the council, as well as hopes for its future.

"In the age of YouTube and live-streaming social media services, relying on emails and posters to communicate with employees is just not cutting it," according to a new report. With integrated decision support, your employees get the information they need seamlessly included in their enrollment process.

By now, you've heard of the major ACA repeal proposals: the House's American Health Care Act and the Senate's Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017. Industry news sites have covered the struggle to pass repeal measures. Between amendments and back-up proposals, it's easy to lose track of how the plans actually stack up. The Kaiser Family Foundation released a tool that makes side-by-side comparisons of the proposals simpler.

We've reviewed prevailing ideas for reforming the Affordable Care Act before, and we're likely to see elements of those plans reemerge. Now that the BCRA vote has failed, lawmakers will be heading back to the drawing board to attempt to create a bill that will be able to pass Congress.

Employees find the financial incentives of the wellness programs appealing, yet only 24% of employees are willing to give up one to three hours of their time per week to exercise, attend wellness coaching sessions or research healthier recipes to eat. Effective wellness management can aid in closing the gap.

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