Benefits Snapshot - 7/11

Written by Allison Loehman | July 11, 2017

Fiduciary Rule | HIPAA Audits | Wellness Wearables 

Every day on our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages, we share need-to-know industry information for benefits pros. If you haven't joined the experts who follow us, here are the top stories from around the web:

The industry has been speculating whether the Department of Labor under a new administration will continue its defense of the Obama-era Fiduciary Rule. This week we have the answer; they will, sort of. The DOL is continuing to support the rule through multiple challenges, but is dropping its defense of one key provision. Challenges to the rule claim that a part of the rule’s Best Interest Contract Exemption - which restricts class-action waivers - is a violation of the Federal Arbitration Act. The DOL seems to agree, as it will no longer be defending that specific provision.

If you aren't in the healthcare field, HHS HIPAA audits may not even be on your radar. However, regardless of industry, any organization that handles Protected Health Information (and if you offer health insurance to your employees, you do) is just as likely to be hearing from the department of Health and Human Services. In fact, those outside of the healthcare industry are more likely to be targeted in this second round of audits. If that comes as a surprise to you, we have your back with this guide to PHI best practices.

It's up to managers to create a culture of high performance in their team, but employers need to give them the tools for the job. The right technology is a part of that.

It's all about wellness as the summer months are well under way and swimsuits are out. This week, we've shared how to engage employees in using wearables in your wellness program.

New hires aren't the only employees who need onboarding. Make sure to double check this list to avoid letting anyone fall through the cracks. For a more streamlined onboarding experience, our integrated HRIS can help you track the life cycle of an employee from hire to retire.

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