Michelle Northey May 29, 2020 6 min read

Benefits Enrollment Mobile App | benefitexpress

Benefits enrollment mobile app

It’s no mystery that your employees expect the same experience from your company’s mobile app as they do from any app they use as part of their personal lives. They expect it to have a similar look and feel to your other company employee solutions, be easy to use and share personalized communications on what matters most to them including any required actions.

Having said that, HR professionals, benefits advisors and business leaders are increasingly focused on merging benefits technology with the right communication channels. This is where a well-planned and designed mobile app can both revamp an organization's ability to communicate and enhance the employee experience. When combined, this delivers a purposeful mobile app experience with the ease and convenience your workforce expects.

To ensure we represent the needs of our clients and their employees, we embraced a user-centric approach in the design and overall experience as part of our product management philosophy. We included client focus groups throughout the product cycle – from concept phase, to wireframes and clickable prototypes and throughout product launch phases.

Some important aspects included in our approach are:

Consistency of user experience

An employee benefits app should be anything but generic. It should have the same look and feel as the employer website and other branded materials. Configured to match each client's branding, the Benefitexpressway mobile app offers a familiar employee experience right from the start. Upon opening the app, employees will quickly recognize a screen that mirrors what they see in My Benefit Express™, our flagship benefits enrollment platform.  When employees feel "at home" they are more likely to embrace the mobile experience. 

Ease of use

An employee benefits app should have a positive user on-boarding experience. The app is easy-to-use, intuitive, and results in repeat and ongoing use.  By incorporating user design research and analyzing user usage patterns in the planning of the Benefitexpressway™, we’ve created a solution that’s so simple, employees can begin using it right away. 

benefits enrollment mobile app

A big part of ease of use is providing a personalized experience. Within Benefitexpressway, we provide personalized employee communications via notifications.

There are many important deadlines associated with employee benefits such as with annual enrollment or life event changes and keeping track of them doesn’t have to be a challenge. Benefitexpressway enables personalized employee communications via push notifications that appear for employees based on specific events or actions required.  Not only will this help improve enrollment participation and avoid missed deadlines, providing employees easy, on-the-go access to all their benefits information could also reduce the amount of questions and calls fielded by call center teams. 

On-the-go experience

Have you ever been at the doctor and realized you don’t have your insurance card? Or you need to have an unexpected surgery and you want to understand what your benefits policy covers? Benefitexpressway delivers an on-the-go experience that allows you to have your ID cards and benefits info “in your back pocket” at all times. 

As a compliment to My Benefit Express, employers and employees will enjoy access to benefits information in the moments where healthcare matters most, including: 

  • View plan features like provider, plan name, plan highlights, coverage, costs and dependents
  • View all primary and contingent beneficiaries
  • Access a full view of all enrolled and future benefit elections
  • View a summary of employee benefits and drill down for additional details
  • Declare life events and upload important documents
  • Get on-the-go support with quick access to your Customer Care Center

At benefitexpress, we have taken a thoughtful and user-centric approach to meet the needs of your workforce. We understand that the importance of benefits education, especially now, when healthcare is top of mind for United States workers. Meet the needs of your employees through a combined benefits administration and mobile app solution when you activate the Benefitexpressway app as part of your My Benefitexpress Experience – giving your employees the benefits information they need at anytime, anywhere and from any device.

The benefitexpress mobile app, Benefitexpressway™, allows individuals to have control and convenience over their benefits offerings. Whether it’s learning more about benefit plans, adding a life event or accessing ID cards, Benefitexpressway is a convenient resource for the moments where healthcare matters most.