How to Empower Employees to Make Better Benefits Decisions

Written by benefitexpress | August 15, 2018

Benefits Decision Support Tools

HR professionals have long relied on technology and tools to aid employees in their health benefit decisions. While rules-based calculators that help categorize health status are a good start, strategies must evolve to give a holistic look at risk. It’s no longer enough to educate employees on the offerings and features of various plans.

So, how do you educate and guide employees to make the best decisions for their unique life situations?Benefits Decision Support Tools!

Korrie Bird, chief human resources officer at benefitexpress, addresses the critical role that benefits play in employee recruitment and retention. Employees now have more benefit opportunities at their fingertips than ever before. While that’s great news, it creates a big challenge for HR professionals.

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1) Leverage Decision Support Tools

Employers must now leverage embedded decision support tools to help them consider how their health status, demographics, risk tolerance, and unique financial situation factor into plan selection.

2) Utilize Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence (AI) advancement within benefits administration is a promising trend that can help employees feel more confident and get more mileage out of their benefit selections. When optimally integrated into a benefit platform, AI-assisted decision support can help employees move through the benefits selection process efficiently — in some cases, in less than five minutes.

3) Pinpoint the Meaningful Data

The key is to make sure the decision-support tool limits the amount of data required to only what’s most meaningful — such as health factors, risk tolerance and financial ability. Use a integrated and intelligent technology solution that applies both nationwide data and provides an objective ranking of available plans — granting employees the power to choose with confidence.

4) Give Employees a Human Connection

As technology becomes smarter and more prevalent than ever before, we must never forget that this process is all about human beings. Want to enhance your employee communication skills and learn other ways to keep your employees happy? Check out the benefitexpress free resource library.

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