Danielle Kamp May 21, 2021 5 min read

The Connection Between Benefits Communication and Employee Mental Health

Upgrade your benefits communication with your employees during difficult times.

Communication with your employees about their benefits has never been more important. COVID-19 has forced employers to make many adjustments to benefits plans and strategies over the past year and a half. Unfortunately, change often increases feelings of anxiety and stress for employees, especially if these changes are not being communicated properly. In order to improve the mental health of your employees during this difficult time, you need to ensure your benefits communication strategy is on the right track.

To implement and manage benefits communication efforts effectively, it’s critical that your messaging is personalized, targeted, timely, accessible and, ideally, integrated with your benefits enrollment platform. Read on to find out how you can create a benefits communication plan that will leave your employees feeling informed and in control of their benefits.

A communication platform your employees can trust

It’s incredibly important for your employees to be able to rely on a benefits administration platform that quickly and efficiently communicates information when they need it. Our benefits administration outsourcing platform, My Benefit Express™ (MBE) easily communicates important benefits info within the portal and delivers employee-specific messages via email, text, print, or all of the above.

Employees can receive personalized information about their doctors, hospitals, and medications if they have any questions or concerns specific to their health and benefits. Our portal also sends relevant information to each employee that is specific and actionable, guiding them to the best resources and options for their current situation. Since employees are often anxious to receive answers as quickly as possible, MBE relieves their stress by sending them the needed information in a timely manner through an easily accessible format such as email, text, web portal post, or mobile app notification.

A communication method that fits their needs

Since everyone has a different lifestyle and preference for how they like to receive information, it’s helpful to work with a benefits administration partner that can provide a variety of benefits communication methods.

benefitexpress offers a variety of communication channels to help increase employee engagement at your company. Our clients can send important information to their employees —such as open enrollment updates, health care information, or direct bill reminders—through targeted email campaigns, postcards, print communications, or posters.

Employees can choose what communication channel they prefer, so they won’t have to worry about receiving an overload of information through an unwanted form of communication. And employers can have peace-of-mind knowing their employees are staying up to date and engaged with benefits information.

A powerful communication tool

Another way to quickly and easily communicate important information to your employees is through a custom-built microsite.

benefitexpress microsites ensure that general information about your benefits program is easily accessed in one central location outside of the traditional enrollment portal. With a responsive design and customizable branding, microsites are a powerful tool that can take your benefits communication to the next level.

Microsites are especially helpful during difficult emergency situations, since they serve as a great crisis communication tool to help you stay connected with employees and their families and prevent further stress during an already mentally difficult time.

The communication strategy your employees deserve

Communication is key, especially during times of uncertainty. Using efficient and effective benefits communication strategies will help decrease any anxiety or fear your employees may feel about their benefits. Your employees will be grateful to work for a company that recognizes their concerns and goes above and beyond to provide the best benefits communication possible.

Could your benefits communication strategy use an improvement? Check out our product sheet to learn how benefitexpress can help you personalize your employee benefits communication.