Michelle Northey December 29, 2020 4 min read

Three Benefits Administration New Year's Resolutions

Benefits administration resolutions

The promise of a new year and a fresh start brings hope. Here are three ideas that can help employers and benefit professionals provide an exceptional employee experience focused on helping employees get the most out of their benefits.

Provide education to your employees on their benefits

While a lot of time and planning goes into creating benefits packages for annual enrollment, you know the role of the benefits professional doesn’t stop there. If employees only hear about your benefits when they are hired or at annual enrollment, how will they understand and appreciate all that your organization offers? Ongoing communication is critical to drive employee engagement and utilization of benefits. Whether you accomplish this through a communications campaign or via a centralized hub such as a benefits focused microsite, frequency of informational updates and repetition are important for success.

benefitexpress offers strategic communication services tailored specifically for our clients. Our platform, My Benefit Express™ offers numerous custom content areas for strategic messaging and dynamic delivery methods. We also provide custom-built digital solutions, such as informational microsites available to new hires or employee family members, and marketing campaigns intended to enhance enrollment results with posters, print communications, postcards, and email campaigns. A wide range of strategic communication services will familiarize your employees with your benefits and utilization will increase.

Make it easy for your employees to access their benefits

In general, people are busy and people forget. It’s not uncommon for employees to need a reminder of what benefits they enrolled in, who was covered, what their deductibles are, and so on. And because they are busy, they don’t want to have to spend a lot of time looking for this information. Providing a mobile app such as Benefitexpressway™ makes it easier for employees to access their benefits information on the go. In Benefitexpressway, employees can view details of their benefits plans, view dependents and coverages, declare life events and upload important documents. They can also contact customer support and receive additional assistance if needed.

Deliver employees more value-added benefits year-round

Creating a personalized offering for your employees with the benefits that matter most to them doesn’t have to be a burden. The needs of your employees are always evolving. Providing lifestyle benefits and employee discounts is a great way to expand your suite of benefits and deliver the types of solutions your employees are looking for year-round. The Benefitexpress Marketplace™ offers lifestyle benefits such as pet insurance, home and auto and identity theft insurance, and financial products such as low interest loans for employees, student loan repayment and payroll purchasing programs. Plus, there are hundreds of everyday discounts, and much more.

With the new year upon us, it’s a perfect time to reflect on what you’d like to achieve as a benefits professional serving your employees in the coming year. Resolutions don’t have to be overcomplicated. Pick one or more of these benefits administration ideas and start there!

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