benefitexpress May 30, 2021 5 min read

4 QUESTIONS TO: Evaluate Your Benefits Administration Process

Is your current benefits administration process meeting your employees’ needs?

Benefits are a vital part of your company and culture, but a subpar benefits administration process can create headaches for you and stress for your employees.

Don’t settle for a complicated and inconsistent process that leaves your employees feeling frustrated and uncertain about their benefits plans. You and your employees deserve a benefits process that is dependable, flexible, and simple.

The following questions walks you through the key components of a successful benefits administration process that will help you tackle the complexities of benefits and improve the benefits experience for your employees.

Do you have the technology to support your company’s evolving benefits needs?

It’s important to have a true benefits administration partnership that understands companies evolve over time and flexibility is needed to meet these changing demands. You need service you can depend on, people with the expertise to implement and execute your plans, and flexible technology to meet your requirements.

We know how complex benefits administration can be. So, we created technology that makes it easy. Our industry-leading benefits administration software, My Benefit Express™ (MBE) provides flexible tools and solutions to help you eliminate benefits administration complexity.

Do you provide your participants with ongoing personalized benefits decision support and benefits education?

What employees don’t understand about their benefits can cost them. In fact, 61% of employees overspend on health benefits because they have not received personalized support or benefits education. That’s why it’s imperative your company partners with a benefits administration provider that can offer your team the tools they need to better understand their health coverage.

We know from experience that most employees make costly errors when they choose their health insurance plans. Our benefits decision support tool, BeneFITwise™, uses artificial intelligence to analyze each employee’s unique needs, giving them personalized recommendations that optimize cost effectiveness and risk protection.

Is your enrollment portal a positive user experience for your employees?

When you outsource benefits administration, you deserve to be set up and positioned for program success. Your employees should feel personally supported and cared for. Benefits enrollment and administration shouldn’t have to be a constant struggle.

Are you ready for a better benefits experience? When you use My Benefit Express to enroll in benefits, you’ll never have to struggle through enrollment again. The MBE experience is designed to be user-friendly and streamlined so employees can enroll in and manage their benefits with ease. Our user-friendly mobile app, Benefitexpressway™, makes it simple for employees to access their benefits enrollment and information on-the-go.

Are you and your employees receiving all the tools you need for a fully customized benefits experience?

You and your employees deserve benefits administration that is as simple, intuitive and personal as it should be. When you’re trying to create the best benefits package for your employees it’s important to have a partner that understand the needs of your employees and can provide you with the tools necessary for a curated benefits experience.

When you choose to partner with benefitexpress, we offer your company a variety of additional benefits tools to help you be as successful as possible. For example, we provide services for ACA compliance, COBRA and direct bill, dependent verification audits, reimbursement administration, and total compensation statements. Additionally, you can choose to participate in our lifestyle benefits program Benefitexpress Marketplace™.

Benefits are complex, but administration doesn’t have to be. It’s time to invest in a partner that has the skills and abilities to help you face the complexities of benefits administration.

Do you want to provide the benefits experience your employees deserve? Our guide includes many more tips about how to evaluate your benefits administration process to meet your employees’ needs. Download our guide today!