benefitexpress Announces New Mobile App, My Benefit Express™ Mobile

Written by benefitexpress | March 4, 2015

Benefits Administration Mobile App

Schaumburg, IL -- Benefit Express Services, LLC a leader in providing benefits administration for large, medium, and small organizations, has released a new benefits administration mobile app, My Benefit ExpressTM Mobile. This new app will be available on Apple and Android platforms, in March, through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

My Benefit ExpressTM Mobile allows users to effortlessly contact the benefitexpress Customer Care Center or send an instant text to retrieve their FSA balance, but most importantly it puts valuable benefit information right at their fingertips. Users can easily view current payroll deduction amounts, carrier group numbers, and covered dependents for each plan as well as co-pays and deductibles. While on the go, My Benefit ExpressTM Mobile provides access to one touch calling to their carriers' customer service line or a quick link to their website - allowing quick access to what employees need most no matter where they are.

"My Benefit ExpressTM Mobile gives clients and their employees the ability to get information they want and need from anywhere at any time. Whether they are at the doctor's office, a pharmacy, or at the dentist, this is a whole new level of accessibility. It's all on the phone!" says Monica Hinchey, Vice President of Client Relations for benefitexpress. "The world is going more and more mobile every day, and it is essential to be part of that change and to offer this to clients."

To find out more regarding the new My Benefit ExpressTM Mobile app, please contact benefitexpress at

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