benefitexpress Announces New Custom Video Service

Written by benefitexpress | December 3, 2015

benefitexpress Custom Video Service | Brand New!

Schaumburg, IL -- benefitexpress, the leading middle market, cloud-based platform for employee benefits and health exchange services, is proud to announce the launch of their benefitexpress Custom Video Service. This new service provides the opportunity for clients to add valuable, exclusive videos that can be placed anywhere on their unique My Benefit ExpressTM (MBE) site.

As the employee benefit landscape becomes more difficult, employers struggle with clear, concise, entertaining communication. Some example video topics that benefitexpress can produce include:

  • Making sense of jargon - videos that define HR Benefits glossary terms and applications
  • Cost comparisons - videos that show side-by-side cost comparisons of employer provided plans
  • Plan comparisons - Side-by-side comparison of important plan aspects (e.g. in-network v out-of-network)
  • Announcements - videos that explain any variation of corporate messages
  • New employees - videos that welcome new hires to the company and introduce their benefits
  • Client-provided prompt - videos where we start from scratch and work together to craft the perfect video to fit your needs

Clients can also have input in creative direction. The client can decide whether they want the videos to be animated and fun, or more factual and informative. To match their already branded MBE site, clients can choose to have the videos match their company's brand, including: color, logo, graphics, tone, and verbiage.

"With the benefits industry becoming more consumer-oriented, good employee communication is essential. This new video service is a great opportunity to provide educational messages to employees. Not only will the video enhance the look appeal of any page - it will also be greatly appreciated. Employees will be educated HR won't have to answer as many questions," commented Monica Hinchey, Vice President of Client Relations for benefitexpress.

Customized videos are the newest part of benefitexpress' already wide array of communication and education services which include: Enroll with Cal (a virtual enrollment advisor), a benefit video library, customized benefits assistants, a mobile app, and their Customer Care Center.

About benefitexpress:

benefitexpress is the leading middle market, cloud-based platform for employee benefits and health exchange services, with a focus on flexibility. By offering technology that integrates all benefits, in a one stop shop, benefitexpress provides simplicity to complex plans and offers a very custom-made experience to engage and educate employees while offering employers an ease of benefit management that is unmatched in market. benefitexpress provides a full range of services including, benefit enrollment, management and administration as well as direct bill services, reimbursement account administration, carrier bill reconciliation, total compensation statements, and a full service call center.

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