3 Crucial Benefits Topics You Need to Communicate in January

Written by benefitexpress | January 8, 2016

Benefit Topics to Communicate

There's no way around it - communicating is hard. The best way around the once-in-a-while, confusing memo is to implement timely, relevant, and recurring practices to your HR communication plan.

To get you started, here is a list of three continuous matters you can [and should] consider broadcasting to your company in January:

1. Financial Planning

Financial wellness directly correlates to how employees interpret and utilize their company benefits. There is always a segment of employees that are looking for direction when it comes to general financial planning.

It is not the responsibility of the company to guide an employee around their financial knot; however, suggesting a few tips tricks to set the employee on the right path can go a long way.

You could hold a voluntary seminar on how to make a quick and easy budget; however, you may reach more of your audience with an email that offers recommendations on software they can explore on their own. Check out this quick financial software guide by The Wall Street Journal to get some ideas.

2. Healthcare Spending Accounts | FSA - HSA - HRA

Savings accounts are used year round, so now's a great time to initiate an ongoing communication plan to educate employees on the overall benefits of these accounts. The actual messages can vary, but they should all be communicated with "what value does this give me" in mind - the message will resonate better.

To comprehend some of the more complex ideas, visuals will work best.


Develop your own or feel free to share the infographics we've developed.

3. Wellness

Forever a buzzword in the realm of benefits, wellness is most relevant at the start of the calendar year... you know, after everyone has set their own, health-based New Year's Resolutions. Take advantage of this ritual while it's still relevant!

One way you could go about this is by anonymously polling your employees to see what everyone's resolutions were - then communicate the initial message in a simple fun email. Take the data you gathered from the poll and segment the most common ones that your company can supplement with an incentive program. Then announce the company's plan in a follow up on the segments you've created.

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