Benefits Snapshot - 9/28

Written by Allison Loehman | September 28, 2017

Benefits Snapshot

Disaster Relief | Generations in the Workforce | Data Security | Payroll Compliance

Every day on our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages, we share need-to-know industry information for benefits pros. If you haven't joined the experts who follow us, here are the top stories from around the web:

Disaster Relief

Our thoughts are with all those in Puerto Rico affected by the recent hurricanes. We're working with our partners who have affected employees to provide support. To donate, please visit the Red Cross website, or text MARIA to 90999.

Generations in the Workforce

Benefits are never a one-size-fits-all solution. Programs don't just vary from organization to organization; employers need to offer multiple options within the company as well. Much of this comes from generational differences in the workforce. While tuition assistance may be a deciding factor for some prospective employees, others may look for a robust retirement savings program. They all share more than employers might think, though. Even millennials prefer a human advisor when it comes to benefits enrollment meetings and retirement investing. Learn more in our State of the Workplace guide.

Data Security

Equifax is still struggling with the announcement of their massive data breach. Now it's been revealed that Equifax failed to disclose another, earlier breachand they linked consumers affected to the wrong website to sign up for identity theft protection on Twitter. Now, the SEC has announced they also experienced a breach. Last year, hackers exploited a vulnerability in their EDGAR system, however the SEC has been quick to reassure the public no personally identifiable information was accessed. These events reaffirm that all businesses need to be prepared for a possible breach. Get our preparation plan and response checklist to ensure your organization is ready.

Payroll Compliance

Want to save time on payroll? Make sure you do it with more efficient processes and an expert to support you, rather than cutting corners. Payroll mistakes like automatically deducting meal time or supply expenses are costly. Our clients wanted payroll administration with the same excellent service they'd come to expect from us, which is whywe partnered with Summit to provide an integrated payroll and HRIS solution, bCEdge. Get the product guide here.

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