Benefits Snapshot - 9/13

Written by Allison Loehman | September 3, 2017

ACA / Natural Disasters / The End of DACA

Every day on our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages, we share need-to-know industry information for benefits pros. If you haven't joined the experts who follow us, here are the top stories from around the web:


It's all about the ACA right now. The IRS made it clear to employers in a series of letters the ACA is still in full effect. Employers need to be prepared to comply or pay some steep penalties. We've been sharing a whole host of ACA resources on our social media, including refresher courses on the employer mandate and determining full time employment status. We also shared our guide for employers as well as thoughts on what's next for repeal and replace efforts.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are on all of our minds, and here at benefitexpress, we're working with our clients, partners, and employees who are affected to keep benefits as seamless as possible. We've shared some resources on compliance and how to help employees in the wake of a natural disaster.

The fate of DACA has far-reaching implications for HR. As benefits departments begin their end-of-year planning in Q4, it's crucial to have a strategy in place. SHRM put together a resource to address the major compliance implications of this decision.

The Federal Overtime Rule is officially dead - at least this particular limit is. A federal judge officially invalidated the salary threshold proposed by previous administration, and the DOL will no longer pursue an appeal. What's next? We'll continue to keep close tabs on this legislation as it unfold - make sure you subscribe to stay in the know.

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