Benefit Snapshot - 8/22

Written by Allison Loehman | August 22, 2017

Wellness Programs | Enrollment Meetings | Voluntary Benefits

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With open enrollment around the corner, employers are focusing on cost-saving methods for the next year. Wellness programs are one method to cut healthcare spending, and the savings aren't the only benefit. Smart employers are using their wellness programs as extensions of their company culture to improve employee retention as well.

Annual enrollment is right around the corner. Are you holding a face to face enrollment meeting for employees? With 70% of even baby boomers on Facebook, some employers assume the workforce is becoming digital first - and only. However, when it comes to their benefits, every generation in the workforce (including millennials) would still prefer to meet in person. Really.

With shifting regulations around healthcare, employers are expanding their voluntary benefits instead to keep their plans current. In order to compete for top talent, organizations will need to get creative with their options. Not sure which benefits your employees or clients will value most? Check out our State of the Workplace Guide for a full download of your multigenerational workforce.

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