Benefits Snapshot - 8/1

Written by Allison Loehman | August 1, 2017

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Every day on our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages, we share need-to-know industry information for benefits pros. If you haven't joined the experts who follow us, here are the top stories from around the web:


This Thursday, two of our benefits experts, along with an industry leader from USI, will discuss the benefits of an online enrollment in our webinar From Paper to Power Player. Leading up to the webinar, we're sharing some jaw-dropping stats on what paper enrollment is costing employers nationwide, including over nine million hours and billions of dollars in penalties each year.

The DOL released the results of their latest survey. Despite discourse surrounding the industry, the survey found no significant changes in the group life, group health, or retirement plan markets.

If you're ready to move your organization or your clients to an all-in-one HRIS, check out our weekly Break, with bCEdge. Each week, we review everything you need to know about our integrated onboarding, enrollment, attendance, and payroll system in under half an hour. Grab a coffee and join us by registering for the next session.

We've all got summer on the brain. When the dog days of summer hit, minds tend to wander out the window and down to the beach, making it difficult to keep productivity up. One company found an unconventional way to reduce "presenteeism" - they told employees to get lost. Need ideas for more non-traditional benefits and perks to revamp your company culture? Check out our State of the Workplace guide.

Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements are seeing an increase this year, but employers need to be cautious. There are as many rules for MEWAs as there are states, which can quickly land plans in hot water. We hosted a webinar with our benefits attorney - you can rewatch it for a 45-minute download of everything you need to know.

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