Benefit Snapshot - 7/25

Written by Allison Loehman | July 25, 2017

Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements | HSAs | 401(k)s | Wellness Programs

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Benefits Snapshot

Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs) are seeing an increase this year, but employers need to be cautious. There are as many rules for MEWAs as there are states, which can quickly land plans in hot water. We hosted a webinar with our benefits attorney - you can rewatch it for a 45-minute download of everything you need to know.

HSAs are having a major moment, with industry pros discussing how to use them as a tax-advantaged retirement savings account rather than simply a specialized checking account. If you use an HSA to save for retirement, what then? Experts weighed in on how to use your savings once you're out of the workforce. Interested in in using HSAs for your organization? Check out our guide to HSAs and our reimbursement administration solutions.

Also in retirement news, the 401(k) is making a comeback. While it's been a staple for some time, a recent study shows employers are still continuing to expand and advance their programs to attract and retain top talent. Struggling to explain the benefits of tax-advantaged retirement savings? Give your employees our plain English guide to using their benefits, along with this list of the 10 biggest 401(k) misconceptions.

An often-cited RAND study recently asserted that wellness programs aren't actually doing much to save employers money. While some aren't seeing the results they'd hoped for, a good chunk of employers are reaping the benefits of a wellness program that works. The formula is simple, and it starts with knowing your company's culture. A great wellness program helps increase employee engagement beyond just pay and benefits.

In legislative news, a bill to repeal the DOL Fiduciary Rule is headed to the House floor after passing in panel. We've talked about the rule before and will continue to keep our subscribers updated on the bill's fate. In addition, USCIS introduced a new Form I-9, which employers should get ready to use immediately.

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