Benefits in 2017: The Highs and Lows

Written by benefitexpress | December 8, 2017

Benefit Administration in 2017

This year has seen continued speculation surrounding the importance of the broker's role in the employer-insurer relationship, as well as a move to cut brokers out of the equation.

In 2017, we saw both technology and insurance vendors try to take the place of a broker in the benefits selection process. We also saw them fail. At benefitexpress, we recognize the fundamental role brokers play in benefit management, so a high for us has been establishing stronger, deeper relationships with our broker partners.

The health insurance industry also predictably saw a lot of consolidation, largely brought on by a lack of younger professionals entering the broker business. This has added pressure for brokers, leading to widening workloads and larger books of business. One of our key successes has been giving brokers an adaptable platform to meet their evolving needs, a technology solution that's flexible enough to grow with them.

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