Public Entity Client Case Study

Written by benefitexpress | September 22, 2015

Benefits Administration for Governmental Institutions

The client is a suburban transit system focusing on accessibility and creating a faster network.

Employee Size:Approximately 5,000 employees

The Objective

Establish an automated process for a large and diverse workforce.

Why Benefits Administration?

Originally, the client was using admin services from another provider and they were not in any formal automated administration system. They were manually handling the monthly premium billing and reconciliation process out of an Access database, so there was no automated connection to the client's payroll. Because the other provider was manually getting eligibility to the vendors and running premium billing and reconciliation from a different source, these did not match up. The vendor had eligibility for individuals that were not included in the client's monthly premium billing and reconciliation, and the monthly premium billing and reconciliation had individuals that were not covered at the vendor.

Because the client has such a diverse population, multiple union divisions, varied eligibility rules, and bundled coverage administrative requirements (e.g., corporate employees with medical automatically get vision coverage), another challenge arose from the overriding eligibility rules required by the client not being handled with any administrative regularity..

Prior to benefitexpress administrating the client's benefits, nothing was documented. The client had to re-define all of the processes, administrative procedures, and requirements for benefitexpress while the previous provider was unable and unwilling to do so.

benefitexpress received multiple data sets from the previous provider (i.e. medical, life, dental, vision, spending accounts, dependents, etc.) and constructed a consolidated benefits administration system managing all facets of the client's needs from a single repository as mentioned above. Automated feeds to the all vendors (BCBS, MetLife, VSP and from and to the client's payroll) were created, and full files were sent weekly. benefitexpress also built customized monthly premium billing and reconciliation reports in order to automate a previously manually updated operation. In addition, by using our My Premium AccountantTM module, automated retroactivity for late new hires and/or late terminations or qualified status changes were completely managed by the MBE system. All of the minutiae regarding the specifics as required by the client are automatically handled in the My Benefit ExpressTM environment.

The Why...

A system that manages everything from a single repository.