Improving your New Hire Welcoming Procedures: The Pre-Hire Experience

Written by Julia Goebel | February 4, 2019

As we discussed in our last installment, new hires are the lifeblood of any organization. Every time an employee begins, it is an opportunity.

Whether the opportunity means new ideas, new talent, extra hands at the oars - or welcome relief to a long task list - a new hire is a chance to set the tone for their time with the company. Start with the offer letter and continue with these practical tips for welcoming new hires. 


Improving your New Hire Welcoming and Onboarding Procedures

Written by Julia Goebel | January 27, 2019

New hires are the lifeblood of any organization. As employees begin, whether new to employment or experienced hires, it is an opportunity to set the right tone for their work, and over time, improve the workforce of your company.


Webinar | Is the ACA Invalid? Learn About the Recent Federal District Court Decision

Written by Julia Goebel | January 18, 2019

Recently a Federal District Court held in Texas, et al. v. United States of America, et al. that the individual mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unconstitutional, and that the other provisions in the ACA are invalid because they are inseverable from the individual mandate.

So, what does this mean for your organization?

Watch our one-hour webinar and keep up-to-date on the recent legislative developments in the Federal ACA appeal. This webinar is important for any insurance broker, TPA, employer or adviser who wants to be prepared to understand the Court's decision to declare the ACA invalid.

The webinar was held on January 22, 2019, hosted by Larry Grudzien, ERISA Attorney and compliance expert.

Scroll down to download a copy of the slides or view a recording of the webinar.


Legislative Update: Recent Developments in the Federal ACA Appeal

Written by Julia Goebel | January 5, 2019

Recently we wrote about the decision by U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor in which he found the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. To catch up on what this means for employers and insurance producers, as well as links to the legal decision in the federal record, review our commentary published here last month.

Now to the latest development:

While Judge O'Connor's December 14, 2018 decision is reviewed by higher courts through the appeals process, O'Connor issued a stay on his own ruling, on December 30, 2018. Read on to explore what this means to employers and covered individuals.


From all of us at benefitexpress...

Written by Julia Goebel | December 30, 2018

If you're reading this, we thank you for being a blog subscriber, an occasional reader or new visitor. Every week, we post news and information, tips and perspectives from the experts at benefitexpress. To do so, we draw from our internal team members, as well as the resources from across the industry

At benefitexpress, 2018 has been an exciting, eventful and occasionally unexpected year. And it was the most successful year in our company history in all areas. Here are a few highlights: 


[Infographic] 2019 ACA Reporting Deadlines for the 2018 ACA Reporting Year

Written by Julia Goebel | December 16, 2018

As of this writing, a recent decision on December 15, 2018 by a federal court in Texas challenges the constitutionality of the ACA. Legal buffs can read the entire decision here. 

However, this decision is certain to be appealed in higher courts, and as the Associated Press (AP) states: 

"While the decision by the Republican-appointed judge in Texas was sweeping, it has little immediate practical impact because the Affordable Care Act remains in place while the legal battle continues, possibly to the Supreme Court."

The resolution is certain to be months in the making. And with that, the counsel of benefitexpress experts to employers and brokers is to continue with plans to meet the compliance requirements of the ACA, in order to avoid being assessed penalties by the IRS.

Use this infographic to mark these key 2019 IRS filing dates for the 2018 ACA reporting year. Print and post for your own reference -- and share with colleagues.


5 LinkedIn Posts You May Have Missed — Plus a Bonus!

Written by Julia Goebel | October 13, 2018

Let's face it; annual enrollment is a busy time, and chances are  you might be playing catch-up. Here's a quick refresher on topics you may have missed on your LinkedIn feed.


[Infographic] Next Steps for 2019 Wellness Program Planning

Written by Julia Goebel | October 7, 2018

Federal court actions have called to question wellness programs which offer incentives for employees to participate in clinical testing or require disclosure of personal health information (PHI). This legislative update is intended to provide resources for guidance on these regulations. 


The M&A Boom: How Technology Helps to Harmonize

Written by Julia Goebel | April 26, 2018

Recently, benefitexpress CEO, Michael Sternklar had the opportunity to write a guest article for HR Technologist. In this piece, he highlights the ways in which an effective benefit management technology program can help alleviate the stress of consolidation both on HR teams and employees brought on by a merger or acquisition. Keep reading to view an excerpt from the article or download the full white paper.


benefitexpress Announces New Leader in Information Technology

Written by Julia Goebel | April 3, 2018

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — benefitexpress, the leading provider of cloud-based technology software and services for employee benefits administration, announced today that Bill Blount joins its leadership team as Chief Information Officer. In his new role, Blount will lead all areas of benefitexpress’ technology organization including Development, Information Security and IT Operations.