Powerful “Soft” Benefit Ideas to Add to Your Employee Benefits Package

Written by Christine Frisch | October 19, 2018
Here are several “soft benefit” ideas to consider adding to your future employee benefits package. Not only will you improve the value of your total compensation package, you will simultaneously be promoting a positive company culture for your employees. It’s a win-win!

4 Best Practices for Year-Round Benefits Communication

Written by Christine Frisch | September 13, 2018
It's essential to communicate effectively throughout any company, however when it comes to benefits, it can be challenging. We discuss 4 best practices for year round benefits communication and how an ongoing conversation can truly engage and enhance your employee satisfaction.

23 Key Criteria for Evaluating a Benefits Administration Vendor

Written by Christine Frisch | September 7, 2018
Questions on how to pick a benefits administration partner? Our 23-point checklist will help. We'll teach you the right questions to ask about their business model, software features, and operating model.

6 Ways Data Analytics Can Strengthen Your Role as a Trusted Insurance Broker

Written by Christine Frisch | August 23, 2018
Benefits administration technology improves data analytics as they are being used in innovative ways that can make your job as a trusted benefits and insurance broker easier, helping you uncover insights to improve plan design, extend your reach, and save costs for you and your clients.

The Future Outlook of Benefits Administration

Written by Christine Frisch | July 26, 2018
This blog post reveals the future of benefits administration and discuss the direction in which it’s headed. Concepts that been around for many years, but are developing and adjusting as technology continues to advance and become more robust. The future is certain to be a bright one!

Benefits Technology Today: What Makes a Successful HR Pro

Written by Christine Frisch | July 25, 2018
HR benefits administration technology has evolved to offer basic retirement and investment education, which matured into decision support. It’s the same today with employer-sponsored health benefits.

The Current State of Benefits Administration

Written by Christine Frisch | July 20, 2018
It’s important to understand the current state of benefits administration today. Here is a brief overview of what experts are seeing within the industry as far as trends – from a signs of maturity perspective which is a plus for everyone in the industry.

3 Ways to Motivate and Drive Employee Participation During Annual Enrollment

Written by Christine Frisch | July 3, 2018
Learn how crafting an effective communication strategy that provides value, relevance and incentive can motivate and drive employee participation during your annual enrollment period.

Standing Ovation: Recognizing Exceptional Employees | Russ Nasyrov

Written by Christine Frisch | June 15, 2018
Russ Nasyrov, junior software developer, wins the first Standing Ovation award at benefitexpress which has been voted upon by his peers.

How to Plan the Best Open Enrollment Communication Strategy

Written by Christine Frisch | June 5, 2018
With annual enrollment quickly approaching, it's important to set aside time to review and set your open enrollment communication strategy. In this blog, you'll find 3 helpful open enrollment communication goal-setting strategies you can employ this year within your organization.

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