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5 Post Open Enrollment Survey Questions To Ask Your Employees For Actionable Next Steps

Written by Allison Loehman | December 9, 2018

Congratulations, Benefits Professionals — you've accomplished another year's open enrollment! Whether you survived — or thrived — you have an opportunity to lead your organization's benefit evaluation.

It's time to charge full speed ahead with your open enrollment post-mortem strategy. By analyzing what went right, and what could be improved, you can help ensure an easier, more effective process for next year. This blog post helps you take actionable steps to collect, analyze and act upon data from four key groups:

  1. Employees
  2. Internal stakeholders
  3. Your benefits broker
  4. Your technology partner

With information from these four groups, you're on your way to all the information you'll need to improve your benefits strategy for next year.

But let's take this seemingly monstrous task and break it down into manageable chunks. Rather than looking at every group, let's start by focusing on the first, and most important, group you need to survey.


How to Strengthen the Employee Benefits Experience to Differentiate Your Company in a Competitive Labor Market [Part 4]

Written by Allison Loehman | November 21, 2018

If you've been following along with our four-part series, you are well on your way to crafting a strategy that aims to strengthen the employee benefits experience — all with the intention of helping your company attract and retain the right employees in today's competitive labor market.

With a solid strategy developed, and S.M.A.R.T goals determined, and the right benefit enrollment system selected for your requirements, you may be tempted to remove your foot from the gas and start working on other projects. Perhaps you are hoping that the upcoming open enrollment experience delivers the results you've planned for. However, hope is not a strategy! And easing up now can be the difference between providing a "good" benefits experience or an "exceptional" benefits experience for your employees. 

That's why in Part Four, we'll wrap up our series with some suggestions around strategy execution, and position a new normal: year-round benefits communication.


How to Strengthen the Employee Benefits Experience to Differentiate Your Company in a Competitive Labor Market [Part 3]

Written by Allison Loehman | November 16, 2018

We've reached the halfway point of our four-part series in which we break down the top ways HR teams can strengthen the employee benefits experience to differentiate their business in today's competitive labor market. 

Part Three is by far our favorite topic to provide counsel on - how to take advantage of modern benefits administration software to deliver a better benefits experience for your employees.  Leading benefits administration platforms are designed to enhance the employee experience and eliminate paper processes while helping employers highlight available offerings and drive engagement.

However, as with any software, there are a lot of options out there, so it's crucial to define the key capabilities your organization will evaluate when comparing providers. We'll walk you through how to identify these, in the section below. 


How to Strengthen the Employee Benefits Experience to Differentiate Your Company in a Competitive Labor Market [Part 2]

Written by Allison Loehman | November 9, 2018

Welcome back to our four-part series designed to help you strengthen your benefits experience so you can differentiate your business in today's competitive labor market.

In Part Two, this blog will discuss why goal setting is important and provide examples of key goals you may want to track.

Last week, in Part One, we examined how you could update your benefits strategy by reviewing your existing benefits mix, digging into your current participation data, and examining your past communication plan. If you missed Part One, go back and read it here.

Now, armed with these insights and key pieces of data, you are ready for Part Two: Define Your Goals.


How to Strengthen the Employee Benefits Experience to Differentiate Your Company in a Competitive Labor Market [Part 1]

Written by Allison Loehman | November 2, 2018

Creating a premium benefits experience is one way companies today can differentiate themselves in a competitive labor market. But too often, benefits selection is treated as an annual event instead of an ongoing and evolving journey.

However, with clear goal-setting, tools designed to meet the needs of modern workers, and a solid strategy for open enrollment communication, you can increase employee satisfaction and loyalty while strengthening your company’s appeal to new candidates. In a tight labor market, that’s exactly the kind of competitive positioning employers need.

With that in mind, join us for part one of a four-part series designed to help you strengthen your benefits experience so you can differentiate your business in today's competitive labor market.


Expert Tips for HR Technology Vendor Relationship Management

Written by Allison Loehman | October 14, 2018

Benefits administration outsourcing has been on the rise for years, and those who outsource benefits administration are also outsourcing other complex HR functions at a similarly rapid pace. For example, among those organizations who outsource, the average number of vendors used ranged from a low of two (for companies with under one hundred employees), to a high of five (for those with more than 1000 employees). The increase in number of vendors used is a telltale sign that employers are looking for a “best-of-breed” technology strategy - one service from different vendors - versus the all-in-one model.


5 Free HR E-Books to Read This Labor Day Weekend

Written by Allison Loehman | August 31, 2018

Whether you are spending your Labor Day relaxing at the beach, or curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee, there are few better ways to soak up the last days of summer than with a good read.

Here are five (plus one bonus) hr e-books to binge now and bookmark for future use. 


Benefits Tech Connect: Windy City Event Recap

Written by Allison Loehman | June 8, 2018

We would like to give a big thank-you to everyone involved in last week’s Benefits Tech Connect event in Chicago! Brought to you by benefitexpress, Benefits Tech Connect is designed to bring together leading benefits insurance professionals for idea exchange and networking opportunities.


Help Clients Improve the Benefits Enrollment Experience for Millennial Employees

Written by Allison Loehman | May 29, 2018

With four distinct generations operating in today's workplace, benefit advisers and consultants are wise to build strategies that can best advise employers on how to craft a benefits enrollment experience that feels personalized and intuitive to their multi-generational population. But with many human resource departments strapped for time and resources, which generation should they focus their efforts on first in order to receive maximum employee satisfaction and engagement throughout the open enrollment period?


Help Employees Choose Health Insurance With Decision Support Tools

Written by Allison Loehman | May 24, 2018

For HR professionals, if your organization offers a high-deductible health plan (HDHP), chances are you've experienced a variety of conversations with confused employees who eagerly signed up for the HDHP in hopes of reducing costs, but were not prepared for the reality of out-of-pocket expenses they are now facing.